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Walk at Work
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The days of business lunches are over! No more two martini meals! The new socially acceptable, financially profitable and health conscious way to meet about business is a noon time or anytime walk. Yes, power walking has taken on a new context in the business arena! Why not get some exercise and release endorphins while planning the next agenda or business consultation?

Regular exercise has been recognized by the medical field to improve ones mood, boost self-esteem, ward off depression and reduce stress. A 30-minute walk can do wonders for the waistline, lower blood pressure, strengthen the heart as well as lead to bonding between business associates and colleagues. Getting out of the office and breathing real air while discussing important topics might even lead to better decision making and literally clear the head!

Many folks say they don’t have time to exercise. Why not take a 10 minute quickie around the block? Use this time for face to face meetings instead of phone time. If someone is wanting to meet with you, suggest an 11:30 am walk to the park and back. This is something I do with my dog who comes to work with me. I get exercise, my dog gets exercise and I can chat about the days events or use it for problem solving with my business associate. Walking and talking go together like peanut butter and jelly, only without the extra calories.

Here’s another reason to walk instead of go out for a meal: it’s free! Yes, you can take a bottle of water with you, but instead of using the business expense account, save the company some dough and walk instead of spending money at a restaurant. Perhaps there are routes or paths that are new and undiscovered for your meeting. Be a trend setter, get out and walk your way to success! What have you got to lose? Perhaps a couple of pounds?

Other important tips:
1) Don’t forget to bring a pair of walking/running shoes to change into before you go on your outdoor business meeting. You’ll be a fashion setter before long! If you already work in a dressed down environment, then you will already be wearing comfortable clothing called business casual!

2) Encourage others to join you and make it an office wide day of the week, like "Walking Wednesdays"!

3) Walk to work if you can. It will save on gas and pollution to the environment.

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