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Best parks to visit in New York during Spring

The High Line in the evening
The High Line in the evening
Photo by (Robert S. Donovan) on Flickr

With spring all around us the hard working New Yorker loves to walk around the city to relax and look for some leisure. There’s nothing more exciting than the beginning of spring in New York, being able to leave the house with just a light coat is priceless. Here are the best parks for recreation and walking around spring time in New York.

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Looking to have the best sights of the New York skyline? Brooklyn Bridge Park is the best place to do it. Get not only the beautiful view but also have the opportunity to walk around and get some exercise. On a hot day eating some Ice Cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory is recommended. Also to take advantage of this great park twice in one day, people get at different feel of it from the day to the evening. It’s a great place for pictures.

Central Park
If having some more action is the goal; the best place to go is Central Park. Take the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful weather. Don’t miss out on the bike riding trails and the natural places to have picnics and get a tan. Put a swimsuit on and get ready to get toasted. And of course if the objective is to do light exercise there’s no better place to walk around in Manhattan.

Flushing Meadows–Corona Park
The Unisphere and the “flying saucers” are a treat for the eyes and visitors. Flushing Meadows–Corona Park worked very well when it was part of the set of the movie Men in Black, chosen because of the “flying saucers”. They will make anybody believe there’re Aliens out there. And who wouldn’t want to be part of that even if it’s only by pictures.

The High Line
In the west side there’s the most interesting natural space on the city. Elevated above ground, a train line has been completely transformed into a natural and wooden place for recreation. Read a book while watching the Hudson River sitting atop the wooden lounge and having a drink or an ice cream from the little shops. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon in the city?

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