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Best parenting teenagers videos

In my work with teens and their parents, part of my job is to be an advocate for my teen clients. This often includes helping parents to reflect on how their parent's style of parenting is influencing them today, and coaching them on scientifically proven, effective parenting techniques. Over the years I have collected a number of wonderful videos to help demonstrate conscious and respectful styles of parenting, as well as explain the reasoning behind those styles.

Your explanation for your teen's behavior determines how you respond. What is your explanation?

Raising a teenager is not easy. Teens can be willful, demanding, and take unnecessary risks as they test themselves and the world around them. A parent's job is to guide their child and help them learn from their mistakes, while managing their own anxiety and frustration. It is helpful to be able to create the space for your teen to feel truly seen and heard by you. It is also helpful to involve them in a collaborative problem solving process when challenges arise.

The bottom line, without placing blame, it that it is important for parents to understand that their interactions with their child literally affects their child's brain development, self-image, and ability to make connections with others. Therefore, it is essential that parents respond to their teenager with curiosity, openness, and an intention towards conflict resolution. At the same time, parents need to be able to set clear and firm limits that are age appropriate, as well as role-model the appropriate expression of their emotions.

I hope you can make time to watch each of these videos:

1. Conscious Discipline

2. How Shame affects your child

3. Respectful Parenting

4. Teens Are Usually Doing the Best They Can

5. Your explanation for your teen's behavior determines how you respond. What is your explanation?

6. There are 3 typical ways that parents attempt to resolve problems with reactive kids. Which one do you commonly use?

7. Tips on identifying the unresolved problem and implementing collaborative problem solving.

8. Coaching your child through sadness

9. Coaching your child through fear

10. Coaching your child through happiness

11. Coaching your child through anger

**Note: If your teen is struggling, I can help you to discover the cause and remedy it. Help is just a phone call away! Click on the following link for more information. - Sandra Dupont--LA Teen Therapist

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