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Best Of The Universities All Over The World- European University

The best thing about any and every kind of education program in the minds of a student is the fee structure, the reputation, the courses, the relevance of the courses in the professional world, and of course the faculty. Any university that comes up, strives to have the best faculty, engaging curriculum and exciting opportunities to be provided to the students. It is therefore taken as a staple, that these things are the basic yard scale for any university.

European University in a breath is a world class private university that has completed all the conditions from top to bottom of a list of being a good university. It is only obvious that the European university accredited with various councils as well.

How, Where And What? - European University

European University or better known as EU is known among the business fraternity very much, as huge number of competent students come out of the university to step in the competitive market. The university is a private one, having world class education courses as well as facilities.

The university provides English language education programs at undergraduate and post graduate level. Right from doctoral degree to bachelors and masters degree in business, this university provides undergraduate and PG in many other diversified courses like Human Resources, International Relations, Business Finance, Leisure and Tourism and much more.

Situated in exquisite locals, the campus of the university is a safe haven for the students. The infrastructure and the facility of dorms and all make the whole place very much like an educational hub. A hub which offers dual degree courses in collaboration with the universities like the Thailand's Shinawatrs International University and the famed Nicholas College in Massachusetts to name just two. These were in collaboration with US of course. There are affiliate programs that the European University offers in which the students get to interact and go on to discover the world through campus exchanges.

Good Curriculum And Good Teachers

Going by the reviews of the university, teachers specially are being talked about much in the review forums and discussion threads. It is something that happens very less. As a private university, having good faculty and maintaining them just shows the universities seriousness towards its enrolled students.

Places From Where Courses Can Be Availed

It is amazing that a multi campus university can have its presence in the most famous scenic places in Europe. As per Wikipedia, right from having its campus in Switzerland (Monteux and Geneva), to Spain (Barcelona) as well. It also has its wings spread over Yvorne, Switzerland again, where the campus houses executive facility.

A Private Business School At Its Best

Quality tuition is what makes the whole university beam and shine. Laurels are added almost every year as passing students set record, or an alumni occupies some high societal position.

Talking about the rankings,the European University has many to its credit. Bagging the 8th place in the list of Women at Global 200 Business Schools compiled by QS Top MBA 2013, and as well as featuring and being elected in the top tier European MBA program and second tier Global EMBA program by CEO Magazine’s International Graduate Forum. Along with these not forgetting to mention the 2013/2014 QS Report, which ranked the EU campuses from Spain, Switzerland, and Germany at 34.

University Accreditation's To Various Councils

It is never enough that a university works just on the name and fame of the faculty and the infrastructure. Courses that the university provides its students, in fact the university has to be accredited as well.

Talking about European University accreditation, Yahoo indicates that it has IQA (CEEMAN) accreditation, along with ACBSP and IACBE (ACBSP and IACBE are both recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation).

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