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Best of Independent Music CD and Album Picks of 2013

Nashville, TN

These are the five winners in the BEST of 2013 Contest
These are the five winners in the BEST of 2013 Contest
2013 Hannah Bethel
Best of 2013
2014 Donna Nolan-Wilson

Inside The Song ran a contest at the end of 2013 asking for people to send CD’s that they had released. They did not have to be CD’s that had been released in 2013 as we realize that people don’t release CD’s every year and we wanted people who had released CD’s in previous years to still be eligible. In the early years of the “Best of Series,” we will be accepting CD’s for all previous years. As the years go by and the contest grows, we will cut back to material being released in that year so now is the time for people will older releases to jump in the pool. We really enjoyed listed to all the CD’s.

These are the winners put into the categories we thought they fit best.

Easy Listening:

My Favorite CD in this category is by Australian Singer/Songwriter Steve McNaughton and the CD is "Eagles Aloft." This is an absolutely fabulous CD. It has 12 songs on it. You can sample and purchase this CD at:


My favorite CD in the Pop category is John Salaway’s The Song in the Air. This is such a feel good album. Everybody needs to check out all 10 of the songs on this CD at:


Our favorite pick for Country CD is: The Freedom EP by Hannah Bethel. You can find out more about Hannah and hear samples of her CD at her website at:

R & B – Soul:

The CD, "Back to the Root" by Sista Jean & C.B. takes the win in this category. Mostly acoustic with a real soul and grove, Sista Jean is a fantastic vocalist that really puts real emotion and feeling in her performance on every track on this 10 song album. You can find out more about Sista Jean & C.B. at:


The band Propergander with their CD "Wide Open" makes our number 1 spot in the Rock Category with Wide Open. The 14 song CD takes you on a roller coaster ride of riffs and rhythm. You can find out more about them at:

That’s it folks. Those are the winners for the categories for which we had submissions for our very first Best of Series. We will be running this contest next year as well and are now taking submissions for The Best of 2014. The CD’s do not have to have been released in 2014. Even if the CD had been released 10 years ago, it is still eligible to be entered in this contest. A CD can be entered as many times as the artist wants to enter it. The only thing the artist or a fan of the artist has to do to get into the contest is send a CD to ITS Promotions, P.O. Box 161, Smartt, Tennessee 37378

We look forward to being inundated with tons of quality submissions and hope to expand our categories to include Americana, Avant Garde, Classical, Urban, Rap, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Ska, Roots, World, Electronica, Bluegrass, Gospel, Christian, Spiritual, Spoken Word, Reggae, Jazz, Latin and Holiday with of course, the basic categories of Country, Rock, Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary, Pop and Blues/R & B. If you are an artist who has released a CD ever in your life, you are eligible to submit that CD to be placed into one of the appropriate categories listed above for consideration in the BEST OF 2014 which will be announced in January of next year.

For more on Inside The Song, ITS Promos and Services and The Best of 2014 Contest, go to

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