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Best of everything else indie 2013

A memorable line (and a tidy way to explain this article) comes from the Indie Comedy classic "High Fidelity" that has it's lead character (John Cusack) say something to the effect, and I quote- "...I agree that what really matters is what you like, not what you are like... Books, Records, Films-- these things matter, call me shallow but it's the f***in' truth." Well this "Best of'" list for everything else that has to do with the Indie Movie scene (plus books and music) tries to sum up that quote by presenting what I liked the most in 2013.

Reigning Indie King of 2013- Joe Swanberg

Reigning Indie Queen of 2013- Amy Seimetz

Best Dramatic Lead Actor- Idris Elba, "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom"

Best Dramatic Lead Actress- Adele Exarchopoulus, "Blue is the Warmest Color"

Best Supporting Actor- Jake Gyllenhaal, "Prisoners"

Best Supporting Actress- Oneta Aprile, "What Maisie Knew"

Best Comedic Lead Actor- Sam Edison, "Zero Charisma"

Best Comedic Lead Actress- Anna Margaret Hollyman, "White Reindeer"

Best Comedic Supporting Actor- Myles Paige, "Computer Chess"

Best Comedic Supporting Actress- June Squibb, "Nebraska"

Best Director- Shane Carruth, "Upstream Color"

Best Screenplay- Shane Carruth, "Upstream Color"

Best Cinematography- Emmanuel Lubezki, "To the Wonder"

Best Art Direction- Federico Garcia Cambero, "I'm So Excited!"

Best Soundtrack- "The World's End"

Best Distributor Theatrical- Gathr Films

Best Distributor DVD- Artsploitation Films

Best Pittsburgh Art House- The Hollywood Theater in Dormont, Pa.

Best T.V. Show Drama- "The Returned"

Best T.V. Show Comedy- "The New Girl"

Best Book Fiction- "Fiend" by Peter Stenson

Best Book Non-Fiction- "An Appetite for Wonder" by Richard Dawkins

Best Music Albums 2013- Arcade Fire "Reflektor", Kanye West "Yeezus", Mogwai "Les Revenants", My Bloody Valentine "MBV", The National "Trouble Will Find Me"

Best Music Singles 2013- Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know", Bastille "Pompeii", Daft Punk "Get Lucky", Foals "Inhaler", Grouplove "Ways To Go", Haim "The Wire", Lordes "Royals", MGMT "Your Life is a Lie", Savages "Husbands", Vampire Weekend "Diane Young"

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