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Best of Brookline Bakeries and Cafes

Cafe Fixe late and homemade granola
Cafe Fixe late and homemade granola

CAFÉ FIXE- A small and cozy atmosphere perfect for spending a morning sipping rich, dark coffee while reading a book. Make sure to arrive early as the seats in this welcoming and warm café fill up fast. Along with their potent and delicious coffee, Café Fixe always has an array of European pastries and scones for the carb-inclined, and a homemade granola for the health-nut. 1642 Beacon Street.

ATHAN’S BAKERY- An authentic, aromatic, and artisanal Greek and Mediterranean bakery and café. The roomy sitting area makes for a great social or study space. Come and enjoy a good cup of coffee or the in-house spice-blended chai tea with homemade baklava or one of their 18 varieties of cookies. Or stop in a take home one of their mouth watering cakes like the strawberry and chocolate mousse or the meringue-topped dolce de leche with chocolate genoise. 1621 Beacon Street

TATTE- Like walking into an old French bakery, this café has an air of elegance and precision. Keen attention is put into every one of Tatte’s baked goods, and the aesthetic value will have your eyes dancing around the room looking at the beautifully presented sweets sitting atop old farmhouse wood tables and placed among vintage jars and flour tins. From their chocolate brioche buns to their fig cake, pear pie, and bouquets of biscotti’s your stomach will tingle with delight. 1003 Beacon Street