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Best of Beauty Trends 2013

Lipstick, lipstick and more lipstick!!

Lipstick, lipstick & more lipstick!
Kelly Kirby/SpaDelic

Lipstick has regained it's position as the cosmetic industries' biggest beauty trend despite it's temporary ousting by the nail category in 2012. History has shown that during tough economic times, lipstick sales increase while most sectors experience decline - the "lipstick effect". The "lipstick effect" can be traced back to the early 30's during the Great Depression when sales of cosmetics rose while industrial production in the US declined by more than 50%. The theory infers that during financial downturn, consumers will forgo purchasing luxury items and seek solace in less expensive indulgences, such as lipstick.

According to the NPD Group, sales of lip treatments and glosses declined in the twelve months leading up to August of 2013 while lipstick sales doubled generating $665 million in revenue. Today's beauty shoppers are more sophisticated than in years past causing manufacturers to develop cutting edge products and packaging in the lip category. More women purchased lipstick in 2013 than any other time in history, a fact that may be attributed to innovations in lipstick such as the ability to deliver moisture while providing long lasting color. NPD's statistics also revealed that millennial women are purchasing lipstick in droves and predict the rise in sales to continue throughout the year 2014.

The top color trends for lipstick in 2013 were vibrant shades of orange, red, pink and fuchsia with bright orange predicted to be the must have lipstick shade for Spring 2014.

Best of Beauty Trends 2013

Worst beauty trends of 2013:

What was your favorite and least favorite beauty trend of 2013?

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