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Best of Beauty: The Best Long-Lasting Natural, Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free Makeup

Jane Iredale Balance Hydration Spray and Amazing Base, 100% Pure Long Last Concealer
Jane Iredale Balance Hydration Spray and Amazing Base, 100% Pure Long Last Concealer
Sonja Shin

With all the concerns about ingredients in beauty products, this Examiner went on KPLR 11 News in St. Louis to talk about the best long-lasting makeup made with natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients – products ideal for hot summer days and to help you look beautiful throughout from morning to night on a long work day or day with the kids. Just because you want to natural makeup doesn’t mean you have to compromise on performance if you know what to use. Here is the video and below is more info on our recommendations.

Best natural long-wear eyeliners
Sonja Shin

A Strong Foundation. First you want to start with a solid foundation. Start with skin care that balances skin and minimizes oil like Jane Iredale Balance Hydration Spray ($27,, which helps to balance skin oil production and has earned an ECOCERT Natural and Organic certification. It calms and hydrates skin with orange essential oil and orange peel extract; if you have oily skin, this may be all you need to moisturize. As a final step, spritz this on after you put on your makeup to set makeup and help it stay on longer.

Concealers can be tricky – melting on a hot day or with the heat of your skin over a long day – which is why we love 100% Pure Long Last Concealer ($21, This 100% natural concealer resists water, oil and sweat, and is pigmented with antioxidant-rich super fruits.

For foundation, we love Jane Iredale Amazing Base SPF 20 ($44, It’s an award-winning lightweight, water-resistant mineral foundation that evens out skin tone while looking very natural, minimizes oil and protects skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Eye Shadow. Eye makeup can wear off easily because of the oils on the eyelids so look for crease-resistant shadows. Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadows ($19-$56) have lots of pigment and stay on really well. Natural colors are ideal in the summer or anytime you want your makeup to look good for a long time because they’re more forgiving and put the focus more on your natural beauty rather than your makeup (vs. a look-at-me blue that grabs attention and makes you look like a crazy cat lady if it starts to smear in the heat).

Eye Liner. For eye liner that stays put, go for a liquid liner like the smudge-proof 100% Pure Long Last Liquid Eye Liner ($25, It’s richly pigmented, 100% natural and protects skin with antioxidant-rich black tea. Gel liners also stay on especially well. Jane Iredale Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner ($28, is water-resistant, chemical-free and made with nourishing coconut oil. It glides on smoothly and offers lots of rich pigment. For the easiest, most precise application, get a really good precision brush like the Jane Iredale Angle Eyeliner Brush ($18) that allows you to make fine or bold lines.

Mascara. Many women go for waterproof mascara when they want their mascara to last. But waterproof is a bear to take off. In fact, women oftentimes think they have a crap mascara when their mascara starts to flake; but it’s more likely the flaking is caused by them not getting their mascara all the way off at the end of the day so the residue causes flaking the next day. Waterproof also tends to be made with harsh ingredients you probably don’t really want around your precious eyes.

Unless we need a mascara that can hold up to swimming, we stick with a good smudge-proof, water-resistant mascara like the amazing 100% Pure Ultra Lengthening Mascara ($21, This gem stays on well, gives great definition and length and is made with skin-friendly ingredients. They even smell good because each one gets its color from things like fruit and tea!

Lips and Cheeks. Lip color and blush tend to wear off the quickest. To maintain a rosy glow longer, try a lip and cheek stain like 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Stain ($19,, which comes in one universally flattering shade, Cherry. It mimics a natural, healthy flush; gets its color from fruits and vegetables; and is water-resistant so you can even swim in it! Love!

And everything we shared here is cruelty-free so no bunnies were harmed to make your makeup.

(This article originally appeared on Hello Beauty.)

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