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"Best of" articles: Year in review - 2009

2009: Year in Review

January is the time when most people look back on the previous year to see what they have accomplished and decide what they want to tackle for the upcoming year. I started writing for April 2009. Fast-forward eight months and 170 articles later, I have covered a wide variety of topics related to bartending such as cocktail history, classic cocktails, different types of spirits and liqueurs, bar etiquette, finding a bartender job, busting various bar myths, responsible bartending and of course highlighting many other bartending-related articles written by other fellow Examiners.

More “Best Of” Articles

Now that 2009 is finally behind us, I would like to take a moment and look back on the ten most popular articles I posted on in 2009:

#10: George Dickel, the other Tennessee whiskey
“Currently, there are only two Tennessee whiskeys on the market: Jack Daniels and George Dickel. Most people have heard of the famous Old Number 7, but not too many people are familiar with George Dickel. This is the story of the other Tennessee whiskey.” Read more…

#9: Busting bar myths: Why Corona is garnished with a lime
“Corona is the #1 selling beer in Mexico, the #1 selling Mexican beer in the world and the #4 selling beer in the world. Corona is considered a pale lager that is made with water, barley, hops and yeast and is served in a clear bottle. I have served thousands of Coronas during my bartending career so far and have always wandered why Corona is always garnished with a lime wedge in the neck of the bottle.” Read more…

#8: Bartending 101: What is a barback?
“The “barback” is a bartender’s right-hand man or woman whose goal is to make sure that the bartender always has everything they need so that they can make as many drinks as possible and never have to leave their well. Some general duties of a barback include…” Read more…

#7: Busting bar myths: Food does not sober a person up
“In the state of California, it is illegal for bars or nightclubs to serve any alcoholic beverages after 2 AM. Last call is usually around 1:45 AM. After 2 AM, the streets are filled with people coming out of nearby bars and nightclubs. It’s at this time of night where late night restaurants and food chains make a bulk of their money.” Read more…

#6: Find a bartender job: Interview
“You’ve mastered how to appropriately respond to a bartender job listing on craigslist. You’ve pounded the pavement and done your research on the specific bar you are applying to bartend at. Now comes the moment of truth: the interview.” Read more…

#5: Redhook Brewery
“On my recent trip up to Seattle, it was highly recommended to me that I take the Redhook Brewery tour in Woodinville. For a mere dollar, I could sample up to four of Redhook’s beers on tap, learn all about Redhook’s history, see how they brew their beer and take a souvenir tasting glass home. I was sold.” Read more…

#4: Bartending 101: What is triple sec?
“Behind every professional bar there is a bottle of triple sec. But what is triple sec? Triple sec is an orange flavored liqueur made from dried peel of oranges that are found on Curacao, an island in the Caribbean.” Read more…

#3: 11 factors that affect a person’s BAC
“Bartenders and customers should both know that there are eleven factors that can affect a person’s BAC. BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Content, which means the amount of alcohol that has been absorbed into the bloodstream and is represented as a percentage.” Read more…

#2: Bartending 101: What is rye whiskey?
“Rye whiskey used to be the most popular brown spirit in the United States before Prohibition began in 1919. Rye whiskey is one of three straight American whiskey styles, the other two being Tennessee and Bourbon.” Read more…

#1: Find a bartender job: Resume
“It seems like nowadays, most of the bartending job ads on craigslist request that candidates email them their resume. Every now and then an ad might state a specific time and date for applicants to come by the establishment in-person and hand in their resume. Sure, most of us had some sort of professional resume made at some point, but maybe you have never made a resume for bartending before.” Read more…

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