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Best night activities for teens in Los Angeles, CA

Kylie Minogue performance at Hollywood Bowl
Kylie Minogue performance at Hollywood Bowl
by Jason in Hollywood

Hollywood Bowl:
Hollywood Bowl is a popular family amphitheatre with a capacity of over 17000
Location: situated in front of the famous Hollywood Hills.
Music: jazz, classical, Broadway, and world music and fun Sing Along’s.
Special Feautures: The Hollywood Bowl can be credited for its cleanliness, and its fantastic modern construction. There are fairly good sound sytems and several large video screens, the acoustics sound brilliant in the canyon and it looks beautiful when all the lightings are switched on!
Food and Drinks: Food and drinks are permitted although there are (overly priced) vendors.
Tickets: Tickets can cost from $1 to upto $100 but differ depending upon season and seats.
Other: Picnic area and Hollywood Bowl Museum open daily.
Additional: Several nearby hotels. Free parking is available in certain lots at certain times. If you can’t bag your self free parking there is an abundance of parking that are resonably priced. Also, there are seating areas available for wheelchair accessability

TIP: As it is outdoors, it is advised you bring along a warm overcoat and/or blanket as it can get quite chilly.

The Roxy:
Very small, usually tightly packed, an all ages nightclub. An unforgetable experience.
Location: the legendary Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, California
Special feautures: Live music, dancefloor, bar, VIP booths, lobby, central low unbarricaded stage
Latest music icons: All American Rejects, Tyson Ritter, Amy Winehouse etc.
Additional: With several nearby accomodations and restauraunts, and parking just across the road it’s fairly convenient. Sunset Strip itself is a fantastic place to shop, prices vary.
Tickets: Tickets can be obtained from Ticketmaster or the Roxy ticket office on the day (care should be taken when giving out credit card details!). Ticket prices may very but average is around $16.75, including Convenience Charge.

TIP: If underage, remember your ID or you will be charged extra. Be prepared for long queues, long queing times and a slight variation in opening times.

Universal Citywalk Los Angeles

Mainly a tourist attraction. A whole street buzzing with activity and a great place to go if you are a first-timer. It is based outdoors, very colourful, lively and bright.
Location: 100 Universal City plz, North Hollywood - (818) 777-1000
Special Features: A variety of shops (mainly gift/novelty stores), with street performers, decent restaurants and eateries that are open till late. Cinemas, Comedy Club, night clubs, free live entertainment!
Cost: Parking can be expensive around $10 for non-preferred parking or $20 for VIP. Store prices are also quite high.

TIP: Evenings can get quite unruly, caution should be taken.

Tip: Expensive to park, so make sure you get dropped off in the main valet area.

Tip: Weekends are usually packed, so if you are going to see a movie buy tickets in advance.