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Best Made Co: Amazing axes

The Famous Four
The Famous Four
Best Made Co

Best Made Co is known for making amazing, hand crafted collectible axes for the avid outdoorsman. Among these axes are the Famous Four, You could call this their flagship line. They’re among the first you’ll see when browsing their site, and the represent the 4 core values upon which Best Mad Co is governed. 

Each axe in the collection comes with a complete set of patches that are exclusive to the purchase of these designs and each is packed in a handmade wooden crate, and the blade covered with a handmade leather sheath. And in Best Made tradition each is hand crafted and painted to order, making each work of art completely unique. $250 each.

In addition to making collectibles, Best Made Co is doing their part to keep the people of Haiti in our hearts and minds.

Below you'll find the Best Made Co "Call to Arms". 


Welcome to Port au Prince… courage be with us all.

We are sending out a simple message to the world printed on a 5 x 7″ postcard that will inspire yet more courage in the face of the catastrophe that has beset Haiti. Put this card on your fridge, in your office, on your wall. And with this in hand we urge you to keep the people of Haiti, the relief workers, and the doctors on your mind, and in your heart. Please contact us immediately if:

- you would like to lend a hand in this collective effort–whether it be time, labor, or ideas.

- you are a retailer and would like distribute copies at your store.

In the near future we will have a list of retail locations in the United States, Canada and abroad where postcards can be picked up in person.

In a world full of faceless corporations, it's nice to see a brand with a soul.


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