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Best Los Angeles gourmet food trucks

Sedthee Thai's Pork Sparerib
Sedthee Thai's Pork Sparerib

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Summertime Los Angeles Street Food Festival. Gourmet Food Trucks have become all the rave in Los Angeles. This festival is so large that it was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Given the turnout, there are sure to be more of these events. Suggestion: Get there early and plan on making it a long evening. The lines for some of the most popular trucks get long and if your patience is short it will annoy you. There was a cook-off competition,Susan Feniger of Food Network among the judges. Here is a listing to chew on and wet your appetite of the winners of the competition. If you know the name of the truck you can often find out on Twitter where they are likely to stop and serve.

Here are the judges picks:

* Best Nouveau – Sedthee Thai's Pork Sparerib

* Runner Up – Manila Machine's

* Best Old School – Chef Robert Dahni's Explosive Thai Bites

* Runner Up – Tamales Elena

* The Sweet Tooth – Munchie Machine's PB&J S'Mores

* Runner Up – Scoops Westside & Vintage Longboards

* Best in Show – Mariscos Jalisco's Shrimp Tacos

* Best Original Showmanship – Starry Kitchen's Crispy Tofu Balls


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