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Best look for thin hair

Cuts are best for thin hair
Cuts are best for thin hair
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How to find the right cut for your thin hair? Stylists at Door Rouge Salon and Day Spa located on McNaughten Rd. in Columbus say a short cut works best.  So how short is too short? This depends largely on your facial shape. If it's round, go with a longer, short cut to slenderize your face. If it's elongated, create the illusion of width with fullness at bottom. If it's diamond-shaped, keep the length below widest part of your face. Of course, there are plenty of times you'll want to break these old rules, which were created to "downplay flaws." If you've got confidence and attitude, you can even look great highlighting a feature that has been traditionally downplayed.

Wear your hair smooth and close to your head, with the ends flipped up or under. Try cuts that were intended to be worn behind your ears. This naturally makes it look like you've got more hair.

If long hair is preferred- pick a look that gets its kick from a smooth, shiny surface. Use a good hair serum  for shine like Super Skinny by Paul Mitchell or BioSilk Silk Therapy. Be sure to get trims religiously. Fine hair looks its worst when it starts to lose the shape of the cut and the first sign is straggly, ragged ends.