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Best local playground: Flamingo Gardens

Playground at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida
(Photo Credit Flamingo Gardens)
Playground at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, Florida (Photo Credit Flamingo Gardens)

Flamingo Gardens in Davie is a great destination for families inside and out.  It is an easy drive of about 25 minutes from Fort Lauderdale, and is well worth the trip. The courtyard area is chock full of shopping and things to do and see. What is even better is that this area is outside the actual park so it is free and could easily be a great morning trip for families.


As guests enter the courtyard all eyes are drawn immediately to the large aviary exhibits in the center. Children and their parents will love to watch the Military Macaws, Cockatoos, and Blue and Gold Macaws play, some of them even talk a little.

The courtyard area has a great playground with mulch flooring a large climbing structure with a bridge and lots of slides. This quiet playground is rarely busy allowing the kids to play while parents watch on from nearby benches. The playground is fairly well shaded and located conveniently next to the restrooms.

When the children are good and tired from playing on the playground head on over to the Tropical Marketplace snack bar for a cold drink, a fruit smoothie or a hotdog.  The Marketplace offers outdoor shaded seating next to the snack bar where guests can enjoy a fresh cold cup of juice while listening to the parrots. Watch out though you may have to walk around one of the beautiful wild peacocks who like to hang out in the area. Guests can also shop for gourmet gifts and have fruit shipped to friends and family.

The next shopping opportunity is the Garden Shop and Secret Garden, where guests can shop for fantastic garden items and browse through tropical plants that will perk up any South Florida back yard.
This is also a Gift Shop where guest can buy unique presents and browse through one thousand titles of books.  Flamingo Gardens is a must see for any family with kids. 


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