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Best Legacy You Can Give Your Family ... a family tree & memoir!

One of the most valuable legacies you can leave to your progeny is a family tree and memoir. No matter how much or how little you may know of your families' history, it's a lot more than your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will know if you don't pass it on to them. You and your partner should start now to recollect and collect as much information about your parents, grand parents and other ancestors as you can, and start writing it all down.

One great resource is the Denver Main Library, which has a genealogy departmen second to none. You'll be amazed what you may find out about your own family there. Not only can this be a service to all the family that follow you, but it can turn into a great hobby for you and your partner. And geniology can be persued at any age. This can become a great family hobby.

As a bonus you may be surprised to know that memoirs are hot on the book market, and you may have a best seller.

Get help by reading "So You Want To Write a Book" at Amazon & Amazon Kindle books by Othniel Seiden

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