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Best kept travel secrets

Love Knot bracelet
Love Knot bracelet
Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

It’s no secret that the best way to take a trip is to pack well and travel light, though finding the best items to take with you can be tricky. But first things first – finding that durable, lightweight piece of luggage that won’t weigh you down, like Osprey’s rough and tough wheeled travel gear. Once you’ve got your Osprey, you’re ready to roll.

2(X)IST Watch

Now that it’s time to pack, park your suitcase at Secret Room Events and take a lesson from Amy Boatwright, the event guru herself. With years of experience working in product placement and celebrity gifting, Boatwright puts on a heck of a show. She produces some of LA’s best gifting suites and she’ll have you packing in style.

Jewels for the gals…

Who wouldn’t want to take a little U S of A on their journey overseas? With almost 900 uniquely-crafted (and made in America) handmade designs, Ronaldo Designer Jewelry has plenty of exquisite pieces to choose from. Sterling or argentium silver, platinum or 14k gold wire, you won’t be able leave town with just one. Ronaldo’s designs include semi-precious stones, pearls or quality gemstones in limited-edition pieces or custom-made.

There’s no such thing as too much jewelry, so check out La Corza’s striking collection of necklaces, bracelets earrings and rings. Or bring a little Texas on board with jewelry from Betty James. The designer, Dallas native Nicole Potter, will have you looking fabulous in her bold, eclectic styles.

Toys for the boys…

4, 3, 2(X)IST,1 – water-resistant and ready for takeoff, Manhattan’s latest architectural timepieces are a must pack. 2(X)IST Watches are 2 cool for school. Created alongside an award-winning industrial designer, the innovative timepieces come in an array of cool colors and finishes.

Kids will get their fill of fun with eco-friendly Hape Toys from Germany. Whether you’re toting an “Away We Go Puzzle” or a wooden “Little Plane” trinket, you’ll be happy to know that you’re packing a safe, sustainable and educational toy.

Mom approved…

Other great packable items include multi-vitamin powder from alternaVites, a hands-free baby support system from SleepBelt, and a microfiber/waterproof bib from DaBib.

Carry it on…

For carry-on items, an Indian weave “market tote” from Divine Designs is perfect for those personal items you can’t pack. Speaking of (ladies)… Adam & Eve has a silicone G-luxe that you might want to take with you for pleasure on the go. After all, traveling to new heights doesn’t necessarily have to be about your destination.

Nomadic State of Mind has vegan friendly sandals easy to tote on board. The company does post warnings which include “happy feet” and “overwhelming urges to wander the planet.”

While those long flights can take it out of you, Thermos came up with a great solution – their Intak hydration bottle, designed with a rotating meter so you can keep track of your daily water consumption. Perfect for the water-lovin’ traveler.


Spoil your body while you’re on the run with eco-friendly skincare from Atzen. Their Clear Scrub is a great suitcase-stuffer. Also, Cureology makes a line of terrific organic color-safe shampoos and conditioners that are full of antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils (goodbye plane hair). More bag-stuffers include Biodara’s Crème de Clay purifying mask, NeriumAD’s Age-Defying Treatment, and Moisture Plus ultra-hydrating lip balm by Carmex.

Pet essentials…

Canine or kitty, traveling with your companion animal continues to get easier. Goofurr allows you to give your cat (or dog) his medicine on the go. And if you’re worried about the mess from your four-legged gang, Majestic Pet has an assortment of car seat covers for keeping your car clean while on the road. If your critter can’t travel with you, Voyce makes it possible for you to still stay connected to them. Their Jetsons-like “wearable technology” fits like a collar, and lets you monitor your pet’s heart and respiratory rate, activity, rest, calories burned and much more. So no matter how far away you travel, you can still stay up-to-date on your pet’s wellness as if you were right there beside them.

Rain or shine, plane or car, travel essentials for you and/or your family are… well, essential. And although you can find ordinary things to take with you on your trip, it’s always nice to get some creative ideas from the event experts themselves.

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