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Best indoor workouts to scorch big calories fast

Hitting the gym is a great way to burn calories indoors but it's not the only way.
Hitting the gym is a great way to burn calories indoors but it's not the only way.
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It may be a heat wave right now, but one thing the weather has taught us is that it's inconsistent. Winter weather is sure to be right around the corner. The winter weather doesn't have to derail your calorie burn. There are several options to torch tons of calories indoors.

At the gym:

It's an obvious choice to choose a cardio machine to burn calories on the days you can't get active outdoors. But which one burns the most?

Running on the treadmill at 6 mph for 30 minutes burns around 350 calories, while the Stair Stepper, bicycle, elliptical and tread climber burn about 300 in half an hour.

For more calorie burn at the gym, try an exercise class. By taking an hour long class versus logging 30 minutes on a machine, you'll naturally burn more calories by working out longer, but the time should fly by quicker. If you're looking for a big calorie burn, try a step or cardio kickboxing class. Both burn between 700-800 calories per hour and depending on the intensity, some can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour.

At home:

If the weather is so treacherous that you can't even make it to a gym (or you just don't want to brave the elements), you need an at-home workout program that can work you just as hard, if not harder, than any gym or personal trainer could.

For the biggest calorie burn, try Shaun T's "Insanity" or Chalene Johnson's "Turbo Fire". Most people monitoring calorie burn during these programs report burning between 300-1000 calories. With programs like these, the calorie burn doesn't stop there. Both utilize the concept of high intensity interval training to keep your heart rate high and keep your body burning calories for hours, even days, after your workout.

Bring your yoga class to your living room with the Biggest Loser trainers. If Jillian Michael's is your style, try her Yoga DVD "Yoga Meltdown". If you prefer Bob Harper, try his "Inside Out Method: Yoga for the Warrior". Both of these yoga DVD's are designed to get your heart rate up and scorch calories.

If you don't have a workout program at home, make sure you have at least a jump rope. Simply alternate jump roping with butt kicks (essentially jogging in place) and high knees for half an hour to burn about 350 calories.

Purchase or view Insanity and Turbo Fire at
Purchase Yoga Meltdown and Yoga for the Warrior at or or at your local retailer.

*Calories burned are approximate and are based on a 150-pound person. Your actual calories burned will vary based on several factors, such as age, weight and intensity level.


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