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Best indoor workouts to do when it’s cold outside

Living through one of the snowiest winter’s on record is challenging in itself, but trying to get a workout in when it’s cold outside can be extremely difficult also. Whether it’s too cold, snowy or rainy outside to go for a run, practice yoga in your yard or even to drive to the gym, we’ve got you covered with the best indoor workouts you can do anytime. Heck, you may love these workouts so much that you’ll find yourself doing them even when it’s warm outside.

It can be challenging to workout outside sometimes, here are the 5 best indoor workouts.
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Here are 5 of the best indoor workouts to do when it’s cold outside.

Ultra Burn with Cindy Whitmarsh from her UFIT collection will fulfill your cardio for the day in as little as 20-minutes. This hard-core workout DVD actually offers two 20-minute workouts, one cardio and one sculpt and stretch that is quite special in itself. The 20-minutes is over before you know it, leaving you feeling stronger and quite proud of yourself. Learn more about Ultra Burn here.

Hard Body with Jillian Michaels is her most difficult workout yet. This DVD offers two 45-minute workouts that take you through some of the most difficult circuit training sessions she’s ever offered. Using light hand weights and your own body weight, you’ll move through creative exercises that will get your heartbeat up while also strengthening and toning your body. Learn more about Hard Body here.

The Ballet Physique is a MUST HAVE for all! Yes, cardio is important, but sculpting workouts are essential to chisel and create your shape. These exercises, that incorporate a playground ball, hand weights and a chair, tone your entire body from head to toe. You’ll walk away from this workout almost immediately fitting better in your clothes. Learn more about The Ballet Physique here.

Skinnygirl Yoga Workout with Bethenny Frankel’s talented instructor Mike McArdle is not only another MUST HAVE, it's also a full-blown highly-effective practice, that's fun and perfect for anyone short on time. The nearly hour-long workout can be broken into shorter or longer segments depending on how much you have time to do, with all of them making an impact. Learn more about Skinnygirl Yoga here.

Extreme Shed and Shred with Jillian Michaels is another best as it offers two 40-minute workouts with all new moves, so different from the other Jillian workouts. These circuit-training sessions include yoga, Jui-Jitsu and kickboxing, in addition to strength training. You get it all with Shed and Shred, learn more here.

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