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Best Gifts for Wine and Sprit Lovers

Original Balls of Steel

Finding a gift for that beloved beer or or spirit lover in your life shouldn’t leave you with a hangover the next morning. Don’t fret over finding them the perfect gift – we’ve rounded up the most creative boozy products that are probably on the top of any drinker’s wish list.

Original Balls of Steel ($24.99)

That delicious chill is the key to a satisfying drink, but sophisticated whiskey lovers won’t stoop to dilute their beverage with ice. A better way to maintain the perfect temperature? Original Balls of Steel ($24.99), high quality stainless steel balls with a phase-change technology that deliver a faster, longer-lasting chill than ice. Whiskey rocks have been a popular gift for imbibers for years, but they have their downfalls – such as absorbing freezer taste – that stainless steel balls do not. Original Balls of Steel are quite simply the coolest of the drink coolers.

Original Balls of Steel also stands behind a great cause: the battle against testicular cancer. When you purchase OriginalBOS’s conversation-sparking products you’re helping spread awareness of testicular cancer, which is nearly 99% curable if discovered early. OriginalBOS also donates 15% of net profits to financial funding for testicular cancer support and research.

I think we can all agree – this is a product to raise your glasses to!

“Mason Shaker” ($29)

The Mason Shaker takes everyone’s favorite glass jar and turns into a cocktail shaker. Viola!

It began with the iconic mason jar of the South. It didn’t stop there, however. The Mason Shaker is a specialized jar made up of four pieces. It’s a jar reminiscent of eras gone by with a modern twist.

You put in your fabulous drink ingredients, shake of course, pop off the cap and pour through the well-designed spout.

At thirty-two ounces, The Mason Shaker is made of quality glass and durable stainless steel. And, as the makers suggests “a shot of Southern Sensibility.”

Wine Pearls ($29.95)

Another way to save someone from a watered down drink? Wine Pearls. Originally created with wine in mind, these pearls can be frozen and dropped in any cocktail for the perfect chill. Wash them and freeze them again – they’re the eco-friendly alternatives to ice cubes.

Soapstone Shot Glasses (19.95)

A sophisticated shot glass DOES exist. But these soapstone shot glasses don’t just look nice: they retain cold temperatures so you can serve your liquor deliciously chilled. Leave them in the freezer so they’re ready to go any time, or alternatively microwave them up when you’re planning to enjoy warm sake. It’s like two gifts in one!

Stainless Steel Shotglass Sphere ($49.95 )

Vodka Shooter Set with Ash Wood Caddy ($49.95 )

A similar idea to the soapstone shot glasses, these keep spirits chilled with an extra stylish design. For your liquor-loving friends with a taste for luxury, these make the perfect go-to gift for the holidays.

A great hostess gift, this shooter set is rustic-chic and carries four soapstone shot glasses that will keep the party going in style.

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