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Best Friends’ kitten nursery is up and running

The kitties saved by Best Friends are tiny, needy creatures that will benefit from the new nursery!
The kitties saved by Best Friends are tiny, needy creatures that will benefit from the new nursery!
Best Friends

On Saturday, March 22nd, the public was cordially invited to visit the exclusive new Kitten Nursery Baby Shower at Best Friends Animal Shelter. This was their grand opening event in hopes to meet their goal – to save lives!

Their second goal was to have all that visited donate supplies to stock the new nursery. Items like formula, bottles, blankets, etc. were greatly appreciated. Falling in line with true baby shower procedure, Best Friends even stated their wish list of supplies on Amazon.

If you are a feline lover, this would have been a perfect day for you, because you could have volunteered to bottle feed the special kitties in the new nursery. There is nothing like the unconditional devoted love of an animal to bring a person’s life into perspective – especially one so in need of attention and love themselves. If the kittens were just too tiny for one to feel comfortable nursing, there was also an opportunity to sign up to foster a tiny kitty until they locate their forever home.

Following baby shower tradition, there were treats for all and a tour of the new facility for anyone that wanted the tour. The shower took place at 2605 South West Temple at the Best Friends Animal Shelter in Utah from 2:00 until 5:00 p.m.

So, why has Best Friends gone through so much fuss to build this exclusive type of nursery? The answer is to stop the needless euthanasia of innocent kittens. They believe by starting small that they can begin to make the necessary improvements required to achieve this goal. As things currently stand with their new nursery, the Best Friends crew will be able to service about 100 kittens each day.

The kittens being cared for are tiny little creatures; each is under two month old and weighs less than two pounds. The nursery is also accepting mother cats and their nursing kittens until they are able to reach an appropriate age and weight.

The kittens will be coming from several area organizations: South Salt Lake Animal Services, West Valley Animal Services, West Jordan Animal Services and Salt Lake County Animal Services. The nursery was designed with several rooms to house the small kittens. It also has a separate studio for nursing mothers and their kittens. It even has office space so that the workers can coordinate their activities and keep track of the kittens. This new nursery operates 22 hours each day and is open each and every day of the week!

Now that the new Kitten Nursery is up and running, Best Friends is hoping to be able to help about 1,200 abandoned, hopeless kitties in and ensure that their future is brighter. If they continue their efforts at the nursery like they do the rest of their Shelter, it is likely that they will meet and perhaps even exceed their goal!

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