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Best friends dubbed 'Joanie and Chachi' have found a new home

Best of friends
Via Savannah Chatham Metropolitan PD

Joanie and Chachi, the adorable canine duo who recently became sweethearts of the media after being picked up as strays in Savannah, Ga., have found a new home.

The Savannah-Catham Metropolitan Police Department shared the good news via their Facebook page on Wednesday evening, stating:

Chachi, the long-haired Chihuahua, and Joanie, his larger pit bull mix friend, may have found a home at last. Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Animal Control Officer Christina Sutherin, who found the pair roaming a Savannah neighborhood, “told” the dogs of their new home Wednesday afternoon.

They were elated.

She has researched a new owner in Florida and plans are being made to transport them. The transfer will take place in August after the period required by state law to transport animals across state lines after inoculations have been given.

When Joanie and Chachi were first discovered, the little dog, who was injured, was being carried in Joanie's mouth. Chachi had a horribly infected eye which had ruptured; the badly damaged eye had to be surgically removed.

After the surgery, as soon as little Chachi was strong enough, the pair was reunited...according to those who witnessed the touching best-friend reunion, it was an emotional event, complete with kisses and snuggles.

The story of the bonded friends was picked up by several large media outlets and it spread like wildfire across the internet.

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