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Best Friends ‘Back in Black’ campaign returns for the fourth lifesaving year

Champ is available for adoption from Good Mews Animal Foundation in metro Atlanta
Champ is available for adoption from Good Mews Animal Foundation in metro Atlanta
Good Mews Animal Foundation

Black dogs and cats are fabulous companion animals but they don’t always have the best luck getting adopted from shelters, at adoption events or on line. For the fourth consecutive year, Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah is sponsoring “Back in Black” – a nationwide campaign dedicated to increasing awareness and adoptions of black cats and dogs. This year’s campaign will run throughout the month of May.

Thousands of wonderful animals are waiting to be adopted at shelters and rescue groups across the country. Every day, over 9,000 animals are killed in shelters because they have no place to call home. Best Friends Animal Society and the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network partners are committed to saving them. Over 190 Network partners are participating in this special adoption promotion. Click here to find out if there is a participating group in your area.

Two of the reasons that black dogs and cats are often overlooked for adoption are bad photos and superstitions. Black dogs and cats are more difficult to photograph and therefore harder to advertise. Their eyes are close to the color of their fur and their facial expressions and personalities don't always come through in pictures. That's a real disadvantage since many adopters "meet" their new best friends online. Many shelters and rescue groups take extra steps when photographing black pets – changing the lighting, adding light colored blankets and backgrounds and dressing up the animals with colorful accessories. Additionally, there are longstanding negative stereotypes about black cats and dogs that simply are not true. Anyone who has a black pet can tell you about all the wonderful qualities their pet possesses and that they wouldn't trade them for anything.

Four Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets Network partners in Georgia are participating in the Back in Black adoption promotion in May and are offering reduced adoption fees on black pets throughout the month. Go to their websites to see the animals that they currently have available for adoption.

The cat pictured above is Champ from Good Mews Animal Foundation. Champ is an eleven year old male kitty who is friendly, outgoing and loves human companionship. Click here to find out more about Champ.