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'Best Friends' true-story movie similar to Kathie Truitt case

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"Best Friends" is a Lifetime movie that could be inspired by the true story of Kathie Truitt. "Best Friends" aired on Lifetime for the first time in 2005. It is directed by Michael Scott and written by Donna Radik. The suspense thriller stars Megan Gallagher, Barclay Hope and Claudette Mink.

"Best Friends" 2005 movie synopsis/plot

Beth Ferrier loves her life as a stay-at-home mom. She is beautiful, she has a loving husband, she has wonderful children, and she lives in an upscale neighborhood. Beth Ferrier is living on cloud nine until her jealous neighbor, Claudia Hartnell, enters the picture. After the two become best friends, strange things start happening to Beth, and she suspects that her new neighbor has a sinister past.

The 2005 Lifetime movie was most likely inspired by the stalking case involving writer Kathie Truitt. According to court records, Kathie Truitt was stalked by a neighbor for several years, beginning in 2001. Kathie Truitt wrote the book "False Victim" about her experience.

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