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Best friend vs. boyfriend

Best friend vs. boyfriend
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Have you ever come down to this cross road, where you have to choose between the two most important people in your life? It happens a lot, maybe more than it should and sometimes it's just unavoidable.

Your best friend and boyfriend don't like each other and they're making you choose. First off, no real friendship should put you into this position. The relationships YOU build stand alone and should have nothing to do with other people; but if you still find yourself stuck in this situation read further to help yourself better understand why we do the things we do.

Most women end up choosing their best friend and typically the case that will piss off your boyfriend most, is that your best friend also happens to be male. It feels like a competition between them, one tries to end up eliminating the other - hence, making you unhappy.

So here's why most women do (and should) pick the best friend over the boyfriend.

#1: Years of Trust -

He's taken the time to get to know you. Most male friends are people we've known and trusted for years. In some cases, people we've even tried to date in the past but things just didn't work out. In this case, he has shown that he likes you enough to stick around with no benefit other than to remain your friend.

#2: He listens -

The best friend actually listens when your speaking. He enjoys you for conversation and not just factoring a relationship based on sexual attraction. You may share the same interests or have had him give you sound advice, no matter what he's always there for you. He doesn't make excuses.

#3: He won't hold what you say against you -

If you have an argument, he may have a different point of view or hold a grudge for a couple of days but nothing himself (or you) won't apologize for. He won't hold things over your head just to prove a point. If your in a good sustainable friendship will someone it never fades away 'good friends are like stars. you don't always see them but you know they're always there.' There are no bad breakups in a true friendship.

#4: He'll put himself in your shoes (an unselfish act) -

A good friend will most likely try to see the good qualities in your boyfriend even if they feel otherwise, just for the sake of you and your friendship. In some cases the boyfriend will do the same; although it is known that in most romantic relationships the men tend to be more jealous and possessive than those you have no strings attached with.

In the end, the decision is only yours to make.

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