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Best for Moms on the Go--Belle Baby Carrier

Baby hanging out in the Belle baby Carrier.
Baby hanging out in the Belle baby Carrier.
Belle Baby Carriers

Most new moms are busy…you know, taking care of housework, keeping up with older children, writing the great American novel or hiking to mountain tops.  Atlanta moms are no exception.  It’s handy to have our hands free, but we still want to keep our baby close. The Belle Baby Carrier makes that possible. My youngest is too old for a carrier now, though I think if I let her she’d try it, especially with the pretty designs Belle offers. But other moms who have put it into action say it’s lightweight, comfortable for the mom and child (not too hot in the summer!), and super simple to use. It has an ultra-soft lining and is designed to move some of the baby’s weight to the hips instead of the back and shoulders, making it much easier to wear for longer lengths of time. It travels easily because it folds up so small, but is also great to use while you’re traveling, letting your child get a great view of everything around them. The designs are hip and there are plenty of options.  Check them out by clicking here.