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Best Food Blog Awards for 2014 from Saveur magazine: All the winners

Drool over these blogs or at least be inspired by them. Saveur magazine names its best food blog winners.
Drool over these blogs or at least be inspired by them. Saveur magazine names its best food blog winners.
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I’m inspired — to eat, to cook, to take great food pics, to go culinary traveling and to blog. Thanks Saveur.

I’m a long-time subscriber of (blatant plug for no reason except that it’s true) of Saveur, my favorite food magazine. I loved it best when it was in its old format. But everything except the wonderful Craigslist and my website stay the same. (My website because I mean to get round to updating it regularly but I'm always doing other things.)

Saveur, I’ve subscribed for yonks. Right now, I’m subscribing for a friend in South Africa instead.

Why I'm inspired right now to to eat, cook, take foodie pics, go traveling and eating and to blog and all the rest is that I just whisked through Saveur’s 2014 Best Food Blog Award winners. This is their fifth annual list.

Here, for your convenience and mind when I want to go browse through the blogs at leisure are the links to all the readers choice and editors choice winners. Go to the official winner's site (link above) for the runners-up.

Best Cooking Blog
Readers' Choice: Love and Lemons
Editors' Choice: i am a food blog

Best Baking & Desserts Blog
Readers' Choice: The Vanilla Bean Blog
Editors' Choice: Top with Cinnamon

Best Cocktail Blog
Readers' Choice: Bit by a Fox
Editors' Choice: Death to Sour Mix

Best Regional Cuisine Blog
Readers' Choice: Rose Water & Orange Blossoms
Editors' Choice: Indian Simmer

Best Wine or Beer Blog
Readers' Choice: The Thirsty Wench
Editors' Choice: Brunellos Have More Fun

Best Culinary Travel Blog
Readers' Choice: FEAST: An Edible Road Trip
Editors' Choice: Eating Asia

Finalists (Included — just because I also write culinary travel): Fed Man Walking, Luxeat, Parla Food, Will Travel for Food

Best Family Cooking Blog
Readers' Choice: Dinner: A Love Story
Editors' Choice: In Praise of Leftovers

Best Photography
Readers' Choice: Local Milk
Editors' Choice: Local Milk (again!)

Best Writing
Readers' Choice: 5 Second Rule
Editors' Choice: Pen and Palate

Best Original Recipes
Readers' Choice: My Darling Lemon Thyme
Editors' Choice: Oh, Ladycakes

Best New Blog
Readers' Choice: Broad Appetite
Editors' Choice: Hortus Cuisine

Best Use of Video
Readers' Choice: Poires au Chocolat
Editors' Choice: The Perennial Plate

Best Special Diets Blog
Readers' Choice: My New Roots
Editors' Choice: The First Mess

Off to the kitchen now to cook up a mini-storm. OK, then. Truth! To improv with pasta and left-overs. Bon appetit!

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