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Best Food and Sights in Memphis, Tennessee

Infamous Lorraine Motel, where M.L.K. Jr. was assassinated
Infamous Lorraine Motel, where M.L.K. Jr. was assassinated

The charming and historic city of Memphis, Tennessee, is a great city to see in two or three days, if that is all you have time for. There are blues bars, a few great museums, Graceland is nearby, and the trolley cars put you back in history!
Be sure to check out:
1) Graceland - the home of Elvis Presley, now an awesome museum.
2) Beale Street - where all the blues bars are, with live music you won't believe!
3) The National Human Rights Museum - located right next to the infamous Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, visitors are free to pay their respects at the very spot where Martin Luther King Jr. was fatally shot. Inside the museum (located in the building directly opposite the Lorraine Motel), visitors can see the original bathroom where the assassin sat, and the window that he shot through, aiming at M.L.K Jr.. The museum has a vast amount of information pertaining to the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. and visitors can really brush up on their civil rights history.
4) Take a ride through town in one of the trolleys - these are some of the oldest in the country! It's also a great way to see all of Memphis without even breaking a sweat!
5) Sun Studio - need I say more? How many incredible, famous musicians have recorded there?
6) Southern food! If you're in Memphis, you can't miss trying Memphis BBQ and fried catfish! Both AWESOME! Try "Central BBQ" and one of the blues bars for the Catfish, so you can enjoy yummy fish and sides with some live blues!

Giant guitar model on the Sun Studio building!

Be sure to check out the slideshow for some shots of Memphis food and attractions!