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Best flower-powered skin care to keep skin younger-looking

Fleur's website
Fleur's website
Fleur's skin care

If you're looking for more naturally-derived benefits from your anti-aging skincare, and you're looking for spa-like luxury that you just can't find at the drugstore, try Fleur's. Fleur's is a sister brand to Phytomer and Phytoceane--all available at it's entire line is based on flower power.

Fleur's Youth Synergy Complete Cream with Gold Peptides and Youth Origin Serum with Gold Peptides are two flower-based skin lifters and replenishers from the Fleur's line that target sagging, wrinkling skin (no pretty way to put it). Both formulas are infused with a bouquet of benefits--literally. Nature's own ability to protect, defend and restore are what Fleur's researches and taps into in order to determine the best ingredients to include in their formulas. Four primary flowers make up what the company calls the Lifting Floral Bouquet in Fleur's Youth Synergy and Youth Origin:

Edelweiss - the flower is also known as "lion's foot" and grows at high altitudes. Fleur's taps into edelweiss' antioxidant properties which, according to the company, are the flowers defensive mechanisms to survive in extreme environments.

Indula - From the Mediterranean, Indula is a plant with yellow flowers that Fleur's selected due to its ability to secrete a resin in order to protect itself from UV rays.

Spilanthes Acmella Buds - According to the company, this African flower contains properties that provide an instant smoothing effect.

Passion Flower (oil) - While not new to skincare, Fleur's taps into Passion Flower oil's ability to moisturize and soften skin.

The entire Fleur's line is flower-based--so much so that the company has even coined a phrase for it: Fleurisation®--which is the process by which the company sources for its floral ingredients. Fleurisation happens in 5 essential steps:

1. Selection of the flower for its cosmetic qualities, its beauty, and the image that it evokes.

2. Transformation of the flower into an Essential Oil, Floral Essence, or Floral Water, using the most adapted process.

3. Selection of the natural effectiveness booster--or natural active ingredient (fruit, vitamin, mineral, plant active ingredient, etc.) that increases the effectiveness of the flower in the product.

4. Selection of a Floral world to structure the makeup, skin care product and treatment ranges.

5. Selection of the fragrance and texture of the product.

Both Fleur's Youth Synergy Complete Cream with Gold Peptides and Youth Origin Serum with Gold Peptides are available at select spas nationwide and online at Youth Synergy, 50 ml, retails for $108. Youth Origin, 30 ml, retails for $83.

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