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Best Fitness Video Games

'The Biggest Loser' trainer Jillian Michaels.
'The Biggest Loser' trainer Jillian Michaels.
AP Photo/Matt Sayles

So what if Jillian Michaels doesn’t make house calls? Bring the belly-burning heat to your next workout just by pressing play. If you want to know the best video fitness games, these are them!

Celeb Trainer Jenna Fillips recently told G4’s Blair Hurder her picks for video game enthusiasts who don’t want to look like a couch potato.

  • Wii Fit: Best Beginner. Here’s the thing about fitness and stuff. It’s hard! Most everything is complicated, there are multiple joints and muscles involved, plus injury can result if the exercise is done the wrong way. The good news is that everybody has to start somewhere, so learn the basics and do it right.

Jenna ranks Wii Fit as the best for the beginner: “It could be a good starting position for people who don’t even know where to start.”

  • EA Sports Active: More Advanced. For those already comfortable with moving their bodies, or after completing the beginner stage, this is a moderate workout for more able participants.

Jenna says: “It’s like a level 2,” in comparison to the Wii Fit. “I could see some sweat.”

  • The Biggest Loser: Most Challenging. Those ready for more, or those wanting to get the most bang for their buck are perfectly suited to the TV-series turned lifestyle brand that inspires people all over the world to get fit. Natch, it’s the best of the bunch.

Jenna rates this game the hardest: “I was really impressed and completely surprised. It’s really, really good.”



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