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Best family summer vacations: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Family vacations are the best. They shape your memories and mold your idea of what vacations should be like for the rest of your life. One great place to take a family on vacation is to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Tucked in the midst of the Rockies about two and a half to three hours west of Denver on I-70 is the mountain town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. It boasts family fun for families with all ages of children. It's home to the world's largest natural hot springs pool, river rafting adventures, cave tours and even an amusement park.

The Hot Springs Lodge is owned by the same people that run the hot springs pool. It's a very nice hotel in a convenient spot in the center of town, making there no need to travel by car really. You can walk to the cute streets and shops of downtown and to many nearby restaurants. The rooms were spacious, some with balconies that give the perfect bird's eye view of the pool, mountains and downtown area. And included in every night's stay is access for the day to the hot springs pool for everyone in the fam staying at the lodge. Even if you only stay for one night, you get access to the pool the day you arrive and the day you leave.

The hot springs pool itself is made up of several areas. One is a 104 degree small therapy pool. The other is a huge perfect-temperature 90 degree swimming pool. Both are maintained with strict health standards and both are heated with the natural mineral-rich hot springs waters mixed with cooler water to bring the temperatures down to usable ranges. The waters here are world famous for their healing properties and you feel it. Swimming in the pool is relaxing and revitalizing. They also have water slides to the delight of kids of all ages.

While you're in town, if you can break yourself away from the pool, a great time can also be found at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. This is home to some fabulous caverns with amazing rock formations inside, all of which can be seen on informative guided walking tours. To get here, you ride up a skytram high above the town which offers great views and is worth going on just to see the town and river below. They have a restaurant up there too that you can dine at. Besides the cool caves, there are lots of rides the whole family will enjoy, like the Canyon Flyer, which features individual cars on 3400 feet of track with amazing views.

If your family is into river rafting, Glenwood Springs also offers that. This is something I look forward to doing when my kids are older, as I love the river rafting memories I have from being a child (and as an adult).

All in all, this small mountain town holds lots of excitement for the whole family, while offering relaxation at the same time. It's a must-visit family vacation spot in America... that you might not of heard of but shouldn't miss out on! My family will definitely be vacationing here again.

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