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Best Family Entertainment--Laughing Pizza and Gustafer Yellowgold in ATL this weekend!

Atlanta kids have the chance to see some incredible entertainment this weekend with two great bands: Laughing Pizza and Gustafer Yellowgold.  Laughing Pizza will be taking the stage at Eddie's Attic in Decatur on Saturday and Sunday.  Gustafer will be performing Sunday only. 

Laughing Pizza, a band made up of a mom, dad, and teenage daughter, is seen in music videos every day on PBS stations across the country, and that includes GPB in Atlanta.  Laughing Pizza has performed at the White House for three consecutive years (with Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers!).  Together they create fun, inspiring pop music the whole family can enjoy!

Gustafer Yellowgold brings a unique concert experience to the stage.  Known for his mellow sounds, Gustafer combines a unique blend of live music and moving image. It's a truly different multimedia experience for children, teens and adults. The character of Gustafer is a friendly creature who came to Earth from the sun and has an unusual magnetism for making friends with some of Earth's odder creatures. The New York Times says, "The show is a cross between 'Yellow Submarine' and 'Dr. Seuss.'" You can find out more on the web site for Eddie's Attic