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Best eye makeup colors for brown eyes - yellow

This is the second installment of our series on which eye makeup colors are best for brown eyes. Brown eyes are deep and mysterious already. On some, they are so overwhelmingly powerful without makeup. Others need a bit of mascara to lengthen lashes. Some want more drama.

As evidenced in the photograph, yellow eyeliner and eyeshadow are not the best for any eye. It can emphasize discoloration or even give the appearance of jaundice. If one is of lighter complexion than the model, it may work. This image was prepared as an over exaggeration to depict why yellow eye makeup is not the best for some. Assuming one does not have to worry about redness or yellowness, and s/he is very pale or very dark, it would look lovely.

There are several causes of redness in the eye area. A common cause that is not disease related are dry eyes. Dry eyes can be quite irritating and difficult to treat. Allergies, not blinking often enough, spending too much time reading and/or looking at computer screens / television, lack of sleep, and smoking are all culprits.

To avoid red eye:

  • Quit smoking!
  • Take breaks every 10-15 minutes and move your eyes away from the books or screens.
  • Blink when you can remember if you notice you are not blinking enough!
  • Ask your doctor for allergy solutions. In the case of this author, her allergies are termed as "hypersensitive" and cannot be treated without risk of death as she was told by her physician. Conditions such as that would seem more permanent unless moving to an area free of allergens. (That's sure to happen!)
  • Drink a lot of water. If you do not like water, consume it in tea, Crystal Lite, squeeze a little lemon into it.
  • Try to sleep. While this is a difficult feat for some, others may find comfort in meditation, aromatherapy, and/or proper diet and exercise.

An optometrist once said that eyes can dry from not getting enough oxygen, which is why he suggested blinking more often and drinking a lot of water.

Please note: the author is not a medical provider or involved with the medical field. Information was obtained via medical professionals and the internet.

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