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Best exercises for sexy, shapely, and lean legs

How to get legs you can be proud of!
How to get legs you can be proud of!

Women's legs tend to be a trouble spot. More specifically, the thighs! Women tend to store more body fat in their lower bodies and those thunder thighs can be a woman's nemesis.

Luckily, even if you don't have a gym membership, there are a handful of exercises that can be done with no equipment, that shape the legs better than any machine out there!

  1. Lunges- yes, lunges. Walking lunges, alternating lunges, reverse lunges. All of them will do it. To do a lunge, take a large step and lower down onto the knee (as if you are going to propose). Push through the front heel to step forward and switch legs. Lunges require stability and can help shape the tush, as well as develop the quads and inner and outer thighs. Do sets of 25-50 to keep from getting bulky legs.
  2. Squats- squats are great for the front of the legs as well as hamstrings and glutes. A good place to learn a squat is to stand in front of a chair, sit back on the chair, and simply stand back up! To make it more difficult, lower so your tush barely touches the chair and then stand. Try to do a high number or reps with these too. To really challenge yourself, try to sit down and stand up on one leg!
  3. Plie Squats- this is a squat based on the ballet move, the "Plie" (plee-ay). Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart and knees and toes turned out. Lower your body to parallel with chest up. Plie squats work that pesky inner-thigh area.
  4. Stair Climbing- besides burning extra calories and not getting stuck in an elevator, climbing stairs works those legs and glutes extremely well. Climbing up the stairs will activate the glutes, quads and even calves. Going back down puts more weight on the front of the legs, and do this enough times, you'll be sweating too! Find a good set of stairs (even at home) and walk up and down ten times. To progress you can try running up the steps or even skipping steps.

Do these exercises 3 days a week and in no time you'll have a much tighter and toned tush and gorgeous gams to go with those cute heels!


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