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Best episodes of 'Law and Order: SVU' Season 1

Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay
Photo by Charley Gallay

It has been over a decade since "Law and Order: SVU" came on the scene. It was the first spin-off of the original series "Law and Order." The main focal points of the "Special Victims Unit" are sex crimes and crimes involving children. Since the show debuted in 1999, there has been a faithful following of fans. Each season has special moments but the first season is always the one people remember the most fondly because it is what started it all. These are the best episodes of "Law and Order: SVU" from Season 1.

Payback (Series Premiere; Season One, Episode One)

The first episode ever for this series is definitely one of the best of the season. The story begins with Benson and Stabler being called to the scene where a cab driver has been stabbed to death. At first no one is sure why he has been stabbed to death, but with further investigation Stabler and Benson find out that the man is not who they thought he was.

Uncivilized (Season One, Episode 7)

This was a controversial episode dealing with registered sex offenders and a dead, young boy. Benson and Stabler are called to the scene where a little boy had been found by two boys playing football. After asking around, the detectives were given names of two teenage boys. While questioning the boys, the name of a man is given to them. The boys claim this man was riding his bike around the park recently and they were told where he lives. Upon further investigation, it is found out this man is a sex offender. The ending will leave you shocked.

The Third Guy (Season One, Episode 16)

In this episode, the detectives are called out to a scene where an elderly lady is found tied up, sexually assaulted, and dead. At first the suspicion is put on two teen boys. They were caught trying to sell the lady's costume jewelry at a pawn shop. After the boys are questioned, it is apparent that while they did rob the victim, they did not kill her. The suspects revealed they saw a white male in uniform in the apartment and then they took off. This case will leave you baffled.

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