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Best doughnuts in U.S. list released: The bizarre, the traditional, but all good

Bacon maple doughnuts are popular in some of the shops deemed to have the "Best Doughnuts in the US."
Bacon maple doughnuts are popular in some of the shops deemed to have the "Best Doughnuts in the US."
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Donuts, they are the breakfast food you can eat all day, they are synonymous with cops and their coffee breaks and they are the one thing that is made for dunking. Where can you find the best donuts in the nation in 2013? It seems the editors of U.S. News and Travel wanted to answer that question so they "scoured the country" to point the doughnuts lovers in the right direction, according to the Huffington Post Travel on April 18, 2013.

Taste was of the utmost importance with this hunt for the best donuts, but they also took into consideration the factors of bakery reputation, menu variety and online reviews from die-hard doughnut-lovers, they believe that they can say without a doubt that this delicious dozen represents the best of the best.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop
Brooklyn, N.Y.

The donuts are hand made and one of their biggest admirers is Tina Fey. Long lines move quickly and it gives you the extra time you need to make your decision of just what delectable delight you will try. Their warm weather specialty is offered again starting in May, "Peter Pan's ice cream doughnut sandwich."

Voodoo Doughnut
Portland, Ore.

While this doughnut shop offers the traditional doughnuts, if that's what you want, it is their specialty doughnuts that keep the folks coming back. The unique toppings and tastes brings you back to your childhood with Voodoo Bubble Doughnut or the Orangatang. Voodoo's specialties doughnut shops are found in Portland and Eugene, Ore.

Nord's Bakery
Louisville, Ky.

It's this doughnut shops Maple Bacon Doughnut that's the talk of the town. This is a best seller and a doughnut that is often sold-out from the morning rush. The other doughnuts that made this shop a real stand-out among many others: "The Crunch Long John is topped with a thick base of icing, toasted coconuts and a variety of nuts, while the Holland Cream is filled (and topped) with butter cream."

Top Pot
Seattle, Wash.

Nothing new-fangled here, just honest to goodness "hand-forged" doughnuts like grandma used to make!

Doughnut Vault
Chicago, Ill.

Flavors for these doughnuts rotate weekly, so you will never get bored with this Doughnut Vault. There delicious offerings are handcrafted in small batches, nothing mass produced here, each doughnut has that flavor of time and effort like the doughnuts of yesteryear.

Stan's Doughnuts
Los Angeles, Calif.

Stan's Doughnuts has been around since 1965, even before some of the chain doughnut stores were on the drawing board. Good old-fashion taste and believe it or not, even good old-fashion prices. It's a peanut butter lovers paradise with many peanut butter-filled offerings.

Federal Donuts
Philadelphia, Pa.

The combination of twice-fried chicken with its handmade doughnuts is something folks in Philly swear by when it comes to delicious and out of the ordinary. You will also find a their "Fancy" doughnut varieties, like French Toast, Turkish Coffee or Raspberry Lemonade something that satisfies the sweet tooth.

Austin, Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas and that apparently flows right down the line to even their doughnuts. These "Big. Fat. Donuts." are covered with toppings both sweet and savory, like marshmallows, bacon and potato salad. This place offers a doughnut that is a meal in itself!

Dynamo Donuts
San Francisco, Calif.

With a name like "Dynamo," you expect a bang for your buck and that you do get that! Doughnuts with bacon, or just traditional hand crafted doughnuts. This shop has seven to 10 flavors offered daily, rotating the different flavors, so there's something different than the day before.

Doughnut Plant
New York City, N.Y.

Their claim to fame is a doughnut recipe that has been passed down through three generations, and customers flock back to get that family tradition in a doughnut. From a traditional peanut butter and jelly doughnut to pastries with homemade jams, jelly, creams and custards.

Round Rock Donuts
Round Rock, Texas

These doughnuts have been around since 1926, but still made fresh daily! These are the traditional doughnuts made the traditional way and folks flock to the store at 4 a.m. to get their doughnuts out of the first fresh batch daily. A regular doughnut for just .59 cents is unheard of today, but not at Round Rock. across the country.

Sublime Doughnuts
Atlanta, Ga.

U.S. News and Travel refers to these doughnuts as an "out-of-the-ordinary ring of fried dough." Along with frosted croissants and flavorful fritters, they also offer "doughnut burgers," which are doughnuts sliced in half with cream cheese or ice cream in the middle. All of the 29 flavors offered here come with great recommendations from their customers.


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