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Best destinations in the world for girl trips

Best Destinations in the world for Girl Trips
Best Destinations in the world for Girl Trips
Photo by Chris Cooney

Imagine a holiday out with your girlfriends and no man around whom you have to compromise your preferences for, or a man who would drag you into his boring macho activities! This would be a dream come true! Girls love to be together because we share the same ideas of fun. When traveling with your spouse, you have to compromise a lot, such that, at times after a visit to one of the best places in the world, you leave with an anti-climax, a feeling that you have not fully absorbed the attractions of the place. You could be touring the beautiful beaches of Turkey and the man is all about swimming, surfing, and all kinds of water sports and at the end of the day, you do not have time enough to lay on the warm sand and enjoy the sun, which is what you would enjoy above all that other men stuff!

If you feel me, you should gather a few of your friends, who love traveling, and plan for one “ladies exclusive” trip. There are destinations around the globe that are more attuned for girls than others are. This is due to the state of security, amenities available, infrastructure, and the fun activities available. Below are some of the best girl trip destinations around the world.

Bali, Indonesia

If you and your girlfriends want to have a taste of Asia, Bali is a good place to visit. Bali is on an island that has very good weather all year round. The waters of the ocean are always warmed by the tropical sun and the landscape is extraordinarily beautiful. In the evenings, one is able to capture the beautiful sunset that decorates the sky. The area has good infrastructure, which has been specifically developed for the purpose of ensuring that visitors who come here have an easy time moving around to get to the attraction sites.

Bali is a good traveling destination for girls as it is a very safe place. The people of Bali are very friendly and the crime rate is low, especially gender related crime. Here, there are no strict religious or customary laws that would restrict the woman in any way. Here you can dress in any way without fear of repercussions from the locals. You can have leisurely walks around the place at any time, including a walk around the place under the moon on a warm tropical Bali night.

Tourist activities around the place are not expensive. There are several affordable exclusive surf and spa retreats that you could visit in Bali, there are many shopping malls, wonderful restaurants with tantalizing delicacies, and several religious Buddhist and Hindu temples that one could visit.


In Europe, Amsterdam is one of the best girl trip destinations in the world. It is very safe and it has all that a girl might want for a holiday. The water canals are a place you will always remember once you visit. You and your girls will definitely love the floating flower shops and a tour around the canals is great fun. The streets are also a marvel with their many dainty gift shops and massive shopping malls. There are several museums that one could visit including the great Van Gogh Museum.
The Van Gogh museum has around 200 paintings and five hundred drawings. There are many ancient letters archived here too. Most of the other museums in Amsterdam are clustered in Plantage district. Here you will find the Scheepvaart Museum, the Jewish Historical Museum, and the Tropical Museum. In Plantage you can also visit the Artis Zoo.

In Amsterdam there are lots of custom foods that visitors can savor. A visit to one of the many awesome restaurants will give you a wide array of delicacies from which to choose. Beer lovers can have a taste of many brands including the famous Heineken.

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a fabulous place to visit with your friends. This is one of the best travel destinations in the world with the weather conditions allowing for year round activities. The warm weather allows people to come all over the world to enjoy activities such as fishing, water sports, swimming, lounging on the warm beaches, bird watching, and visiting many of the inland attraction sites. There are several major resorts in the area that provide incomparable entertainment and food.
When in the Canary Islands, make sure you visit Loro Parque. This loosely translates to Parrot Pak and it was thus named for the numerous parrots in the park amongst lots of other wildlife. When in the park you have the chance of enjoying an entertaining animal show, which could be a dolphin, seal, chimpanzee, or parrot show. Other animals that you can see in the park include jaguars, sharks, flamingoes, alligators, tigers, gorillas, amongst others.


For the best experience of the beach and sea, Greece is the place to visit. The Greek islands of Santorin, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, and Kos will provide all the fun you need as you bask in the rolling beaches or take a dive in the warm waters. There are many resorts here where you can get all the entertainment you need. You could also enjoy walks within the ancient streets and admire the beautiful cultural architecture of the historic Greece.