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Best In Denver- Unknown Photo Spot: Daniels Park

Beautiful Family Shot at Daniel's Park- Debra Dean Photography
Beautiful Family Shot at Daniel's Park- Debra Dean Photography

Any photographer in Colorado can name off the typical places to photograph portraits outdoors; Red Rocks, Roxborough State Park, City Park, Garden of the Gods...the list goes on and on. For some photographers though, this list gets old and trying to create a new kind of image in a place that has been photographed thousands of times just will not do.

Along with a series profiling local unknown photographers, I am beginning a bi-monthly spot on "unknown" places in Colorado that are wonderful backdrops for portrait photographers and landscape photographers alike.

First up, Daniels Park. Unlike many of our national parks, Daniels Park is open area and does not require a fee to enter. Another bonus of Daniels Park is that it is not regulated by park rangers, so there is no need to worry about having permission to shoot on the grounds or where you walk!

This natural park is located about 10 minutes east of I-25 and Castle Pines, near Sedalia. This scenic area has wide open space, trees and overlooks a valley that is picture perfect at sunset.

Looking for a creative outdoor spot on the south side of town? Try Daniels Park!


  • Kaela Green 5 years ago

    I LOVE Daniels' Park! It's where dh & I got engaged!!

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