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Best Days in Garland

Outside Best Days in Garland
Outside Best Days in Garland
Miranda Wright

Best: core meaning- better than any body or anything else.

        Best Days is a small neighborhood pub located in Garland off 2121 Northwest Hwy. Like most bars in Garland, Best Days is small bar with a crowd of weekly regulars.  Open seven days a week the staff at Best Days claim that every night is a good night to party, so the Nightlife Garland Examiner decided to go out and check for themselves which night is the BEST night to hang out with Garland locals. 

Best Days:

             Monday- Dallas local Tyler Burke comes to visit Best Days. We get there at 8:30 and  the place is empty except for maybe two people playing pool. We sit at the very corner of the bar nearest the door and Jukebox. Every time a song changes it's so quiet we hear birds tweet. After turning around a few times to find out what the noise is we realize it is just the fill in music between songs.

 We are the only people at the bar aside from the bartender. The waitress/bartender  Stephanie sings karaoke after about an hour goes by and we've had a few drinks. She is the only one singing but she has a pretty voice and it seems to be the thing to do to pass time for the employees until the club closes, especially since there are so few people to wait on.

On the other side of the tavern are four pool tables, all of them empty except for one on which, Justice, a nightly regular at Best Days is playing. Aside from perhaps five people at Best Days, the place is a ghost town.

            Thursday- We arrive with Garland local and roofer Brian Minyard around 10 PM. Upon arrival we find the place is packed. Every pool table is already in use and  the bar is occupied with almost every bar stool taken. Finding two seats available in the middle we sit down and say hi to the friendly bartender Sammy.

Everyone is especially congenial this time, going out of their way to say hi and welcome us to the establishment. We sit at the bar for about twenty minutes and wait for a pool table to clear out while we mess around with technology.

Guy to girl ratio at this time is a bout 4 to 1, and random people are floating around from group to group. It seems that most people know each other here. Around 11 PM they open the wooden garage style doors to the patio and we grab the pool table closest to outside. It is an absolutely beautiful evening with the wind blowing just perfectly, teasing the balls barely as we line up our shots. The night air is soft and it has been drizzling on and off throughout the evening, bringing a refreshing smell to club as it blows through.

Stacking up piles of quarters on the side of the table we play about ten games of pool. Around 1 AM we put our pool sticks up and head to the darts boards on the other end of the club, playing until we shut the club down.

            Saturday- Coming in with Dallas local and accountant Alex Ngo, commonly known as Duck! About forty people are here tonight and there is a lot of smoking going on, along with the club being very loud inside. We immediately dislike the atmosphere, however everyone is very friendly. Alfonso from Minnesota sits right down next to us and tells us hello, enlightening upon us that this is his first time to Dallas, and that he used to drive a Ford Ranger.

Looking around the bar we see that is is crawling with different energies and after about forty minutes of waiting for a pool table we decide to leave and go somewhere else down the street.

                              Back again on Monday: 9:54 PM- Being that Monday night at Best Days was The Garland Nightlife Examiner's least favorite night we decided to give it a second chance and come back again the following week, arriving with Dallas local Stephen Scotts.

Upon arrival there about sixteen people in the tavern. Justice, the gentleman that was there on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, is in the back playing pool. Tonight the dance floor is empty, which is normal for the nights we have visited, when most people hang around the bar and tables. The music playing tonight comes from two speakers in front of the DJ booth, alternating between hillbilly country and hip hop. The feeling of the place is disconcerting, and according to Stephen there is a “slight disconnect” between the two tempos and the crowd of people.

Sitting down at the tables on the dance floor we make sure to tip the waitress well on the first round, causing her to come back and promise us Happy Hour prices all night. We smile, and say thank you. After a few drinks we go to the bar and make friends with James Myers from Balch Springs and Stephanie from Mesquite, a friendly couple ka-noodled up in the corner we sat in upon our first visit to Best Days. During the conversation Chris, also known as "Puddintane, ask me again and I'll tell you the same," comes up to make acquaintances and we speak about fishing as we order more drinks from the bartender Chris.

                      Overall, Garland Nightlife Examiner rates Best Days as an interesting and ambitious place to visit, full of different personalities and characters with whom to engage or challenge in a game of pool. So next time there is an opening in your week, check it out for yourself! We recommend Thursday nights!

$2 draft and $2.50 wells from 8PM-2AM

Tuesday is Best Days People Pool League

Wednesday and Thursday is Karaoke 9PM-2AM

Friday and Saturday $1 and $2 Shots *DJ


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