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Best Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment 2014

Best Dark Circles Under Eye Creams
Best Dark Circles Under Eye Creams

Those nights of partying and drinking too much alcohol, smoking, binge eating on chips and no exercise are finally showing up on your face. The main question you should be asking is how you can slow down the aging process, and not why they're there in the first place.

Skin is thinnest and most delicate around your eyes, which explains why damage and signs of aging become more noticeable in this area. Eye damage and aging cannot be totally prevented but, it is a process you can definitely control.

Treating Dark Circles through Eye Creams

Regular use of the right eye cream appropriate for your skin is the first step to getting beautiful eyes. Eye creams which are specially formulated to prevent, conceal, and correct fine lines and bagginess around your eyes is a must-have component of your beauty regimen.

To properly care for your eyes, you need two eye creams: one specially formulated for daytime, the other for night time.

Your ideal daytime eye cream must contain an SPF (at least 30), antioxidants, and active ingredients that will help lift your eyes. If you feel you need to hide some imperfections around your eyes, go for eye serums that have concealing properties.

On the other hand, your night time eye cream should be laden with active ingredients, including retinoids, and ideally should be prescription only eye cream so that it has all the goodness your eyes need to relax and rebuild damage skin cells while you sleep. Night time eye cream must also be laden with Vitamins and minerals, particularly Vitamins A, E, and K and antioxidants to help flush out dirt and free radicals which promote skin aging.

What An Eye Cream Can Do For Skin Around Your Eyes?

An effective eye cream will be able to help prevent and improve the appearance of eye bags, puffiness, dark under eye circles, crow's feet, and skin discoloration. These are all natural aging processes which you can do nothing about but delay, and delay significantly with regular and prolonged use of an eye cream.

As you age, your skin produces lesser amounts of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. These changes happen more rapidly on skin around your eyes because it is thinner and contains lesser fats underneath.

Thus, an effective eye cream will be able to boost production of these three naturally occurring components of your skin to help improve skin elasticity and promote skin cell renewal and growth. This boost helps your skin more able to withstand the damaging effects of poor blood circulation which often result in the formation of eye bags and under eye circles, and occurrence of eye puffiness and discoloration.

Regular and prolonged use of eye cream also helps skin to bounce back from the wrinkling effects of facial expressions which, if the skin is brittle and less elastic, will cause the formation of crow's feet.

Eye Creams: How To Make The Best Buy?

With shelves after shelves of over-the-counter eye creams available, how do you choose the one that is effective?
Check out the tips below for choosing the right eye cream that will work best for you:

Know Your Skin - Get a skin analysis if you have not already done so. Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to find out your skin type and what ingredients or products may work best for you. Your doctor will also be in the best position to recommend prescription-only eye creams which contain significantly higher levels of active ingredients for the most immediate and visible results. Also, recall any skin allergies you've had in the past and make sure your doctor knows about these.

Do Your Own Research - Eye creams that have been proven to be effective, and those that receive the best reviews, have science to back them. Read independent reviews on eye creams. Beauty companies will always claim to be effective but only a few live up to their promise. Independent eye cream reviews will help you make a choice about which bottle to pick up the next time you make that trip to the beauty bar or drug store.

Check Out The Ingredients - Take time to read the label. Eye creams that work contain active ingredients formulated to resemble collagen and elastin strands. Some active ingredients promote ultra-hydration and may contain hyaluronic acid or hydroquinone to improve skin moisture. Others will contain ingredients that promote skin swelling to erase fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the appearance of eye bags and dark circles. Such eye creams will contain retinoids which are prescription only.

Choose An Eye Cream That Targets Your Skin Problems - Use an eye cream or eye serum as soon as you hit your 30s. For those with dry skin, consider starting this regiment as early as your teens because dry skin is more prone to damage and aging.

Final Verdict:

It pays to give your eyes the attention it deserves. The sooner you start applying an eye cream, the better are your chances of keeping eye skin damages away. Have your skin and skin needs analyzed from time-to-time as these needs change as you age.