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Best daily deals in Memphis

Katie Donnar has been tanning since sixth grade
Katie Donnar has been tanning since sixth grade
AP Photo/Daniel R. Patmore

                                                        Best daily deals in Memphis

You can now connect to a business that uses their collective buying power to secure the best daily deal in the city of Memphis. Groupon will email a coupon directly to you with one unique offer every business day. You will be amazed at the discounts on products and services tailored specifically for Memphians. Take a look at the opportunities for savings in the following three offers.

                                                            Daily coupon offers

On February 15th, a $25 coupon was available for the purchase of a 30-Day membership with unlimited tanning at Fitness Plus; a $60 value. This 58% savings was offered at Fitness Plus Center located at 2598 Corporate Avenue in Memphis.

On February 12th, Groupon’s $10 deal was for $20 worth of paninis, flatbreads, cocktails, and more at The Silly Goose. This 50% savings was featured at The Silly Goose at 100 Peabody Place in Memphis.

On February 11th, a $49 coupon would cover a complete exam, x-rays, and cleaning at Bartlett Dental Associates; a $289 value. This 83% savings could be redeemed at the Bartlett Dental Associates at 3105 Kirby Whitten Pkwy in Bartlett.

                                                                      Sign-up for Groupon

Sign up to receive these great discounts by going to and click on ‘Get Daily Coupon Alerts’. Note the coupon only works, however; if enough people join that day. So let your friends in on your newfound secret.

                                                                Visit Groupon in other cities

Groupon offers the best daily deals in most every city. If you are visiting relatives or going on vacation, don’t forget to open your email while you’re there for a look at their best values. Share the opportunity of Groupon deals with family and friends in other states – they’ll owe you one!