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'Best in Chow' settling ‘Pizza Wars Fort Lauderdale’ on Cooking Channel

Best in Chow host Cris Nannarone is also a comedian
Cris Nannarone Facebook

On last night’s Cooking Channel new season episode of “Best in Chowpizza loving host Cris Nannarone went to Florida. Cris took his winning personality and love for people to search for the best pizza in Fort Lauderdale.

Cris visited the town with so many waterways, that it was named Venice of America. So he went to find out if its pizza was comparable to its Italian counterpart. He immediately went to the people to get their opinions of just who had the best pizza in Fort Lauderdale.

The three names whom Cris kept hearing were; Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, Kitchenetta and Dough Boys. It seems that everywhere he went, he met up with vegetarians, the only people who make him cringe. Off to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza to taste their pizza with baby meatballs and ricotta. This is the flagship shop of over 45 locations in six different states, so they must be doing something right. Cris even met ex-NFL quarterback Dan Marino while there. Dan has a pizza named after him. He told Cris to see Anthony Bruno and Michelangelo Mozzicato, whose awesome pizza contained; grated parmesan, ricotta cheese, baby meatballs, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and pizza dough.

Before hitting the next stop, Cris met with Craig Agranoff, who operates the website who should know good pizza, and he sent him to “Kitchenetta.” There Cris met up with Vincent Foti, the owner, who swears by his wood-burning oven that was shipped from Italy. Vincent made his Bianchi di Parma for Cris, a five-cheese white pizza that when it came from the oven, he added prosciutto di Parma and arugula for the finishing touches, and Cris loved every bite. It contained; Caputo 00 flour dough, ricotta cheese with olive oil and black pepper.

Dough Boys Pizzeria was the last stop for New York style pizza to meet with identical twins, Randy and Scott Greenfield. Each brother has his own pizzeria, because they did not always get along. For Cris, they made Margherita pizza with lobster and shrimp. Is your mouth watering yet? Their pizzas are cooked in a gas oven at 550 degrees using the Dough Boys Pizza Dough, whole milk mozzarella cheese blended with buffalo milk, butterflied shrimp & lobster, chopped fresh basil and Dough Boys old world Margherita sauce, blended oils, olive oil and chopped garlic.

Now it was time for the locals to judge the best pizza in Fort Lauderdale. They went to all three places and after stuffing their faces, they cast their votes and the winner of Best Pizza in Fort Lauderdale was “Kitchenetta” and Vincent stated that he was changing the name to “Pizza Nannarone” on this episode of “Best in Chow.”

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