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'Best in Chow' settling ‘BBQ Wars Miami’ on Cooking Channel

Cris Nannarone host of Best in Chow on Cooking Channel
Cris Nannarone host of Best in Chow on Cooking Channel
"Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel, used with permission."

On tonight’s Cooking Channel new season premiere episode of “Best in Chow” fun loving host Cris Nannarone went to Miami, Fla. Cris took his winning personality and love for people to search for the best barbeque in Miami.

Cris visited the Everglades by air boat and could not wait to try some delicious barbeque. He asked several people where to go and they gave him three destinations. So first, he met up with Howie “Bulldog” Kleinberg co-owner of Bulldog Barbeque. Howie was wearing a shirt that read “nice rack.” Howie then made his famous barbeque beef brisket with lots of spices he rubbed on the meat, and let it sit overnight. But he had some already made for Cris to try. Howie loaded up the smoker with cherry wood that he cooked for about three hours. He pointed out the beautiful smoke ring around the edge of the meat. Cris admitted that he was not a fan of brisket; but Bulldog’s changed his mind. It contained certified Angus beef, Bulldog’s rub on the fat cap and the lean side, a three hour smoke, and a check for the smoke ring, brisket au jus and kosher salt.

Sparky’s Roadside Barbeque was the next place he found, with plenty of help. Kevin Kehoe and Hans “Sparky” Seitz, two guys from New York who know their barbeque. They showed Cris how they made the rib rub using 22 ingredients. Then into the convection smoker for only 90 minutes. Cris loved the baby back ribs and is happy he does not have to vote. It was made with their special 22 ingredient rub and a 90 minute smoke.

Bo Legs BBQ is the third place Cris visited. Chef Bo started making barbeque outside of a laundromat. But the lines were so long, that after a month, he opened his own restaurant. He and two friends made the smoker that looks like something out of a junk pile. Nonetheless, it makes the best barbeque and his customers love it. He made “The Meat Trio” for Cris, on a big platter. He made leg quarters in different flavors; barbeque and jerk, and Virginia Smithfield ribs. Cris even gave Bo a kiss for the box of meat.

Now for the judges, to decide. They traveled to all three places to taste their entries. When the day was completed and the votes were tallied; the winner was a tie, so now it is Cris’ turn to choose and he gave it to Bo Legs BBQ on this episode of “Best in Chow.”