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'Best in Chow' oversees ‘Pizza Wars Vancouver’ on Cooking Channel

Best in Chow host Cris Nannarone is handing out trophies for best food
Best in Chow host Cris Nannarone is handing out trophies for best food
Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel used with permission

On tonight’s Cooking Channel episode of “Best in Chow” host Cris Nannarone went to Vancouver, in gorgeous British Columbia; Canada in this episode titled, “Pizza Wars Vancouver.”

Cris Nannarone traveled to this tourist hotspot in Canada, to find the best pizza in Vancouver. As he stopped several people on the street, he heard how much people love pizza, even those vegetarians who make Cris shudder, like pizza.

At Pizzeria Barbarella, Cris met up with kitchen manager, James Vanderheide, who he called the Doogie Howser of pizza. He swears by his Cavolini pizza, which means Brussels sprouts. Cris almost left when he found out that James put this green thing, and no sauce on this pizza. Cris found it delicious and had to give props to the kid. It contains; secret dough, aged mozzarella, fresh mozzarella bocconcini cut, homemade pancetta, Brussels sprout leaves, fresh garlic, sea salt, extra-virgin olive oil and grana padano cheese.

Cris then headed over to Little Italy to find the best pizza there, and he was dismayed because he heard negative things. People are skinny and do not eat meat, and he was bummed. So he went to see Canadian rockers Hedley, Jacob Hoggard and David Rosin to get some help. They sent him to Campagnolo Restaurant, where he could find the Rolls-Royce of pizza. The owner and chef, Robert Belcham makes a Canadian style pizza that everyone loves. Cris heard of New York, Chicago and Italian style of pizza, but never Canadian style. His entry in the competition is the Natearoni, named after his chef de cuisine Nathan Lowey, who helped invent the recipe. This Italian Canadian pizza is just like Cris, and oh so good. Made with; Alberta wheat dough, British Columbia tomatoes, salt, pepper, fior di latte, mushrooms, scamorza cheese, house made pepperoni and dried oregano.

Cris went to Nicli Antica Pizzeria to meet with chef David Tozer aka Bulldozer. Cris and David had the Diavola pizza that they both savored. It contains; 00 Italian flour, San Marzano tomato sauce, living basil, soppressata, roasted green chilies, grated parmesan, buffalo milk mozzarella, chili oil, and arugula.

Next, Cris rounded up his jury, who taste-tested all three pizzas, and then had a chance to vote for their choice of the best one. When the votes were counted, the winner was Chef David at Nicli Antica Pizzeria. Congratulation, Chef David and display that pizza trophy proudly.

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