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'Best in Chow' is waging ‘Wing Wars Seattle’ on Cooking Channel

Cris Nannarone found the best wings in Seattle
Cris Nannarone found the best wings in Seattle
Photo courtesy of Cooking Channel used with permission

On tonight’s Cooking Channel episode of “Best in Chow,” host Cris Nannarone went to Seattle, Washington to find the best burger as rated by the locals of this town. Cris, a comedian and veteran road warrior, took his love for food, people and travel on this search and gave them the opportunity to judge the best wings in “The Emerald City.”

Cris questioned several people on the street, to ask them if they knew where to find the best chicken wings in this coastal city. So the first place he landed was Slim’s Last Chance, where he met bearded owner Michael Lucas, who made some wings for Cris to try. He smokes his wings, in his BBQ joint next store, before starting to put the recipe together. He made the sauce using; Pig Iron chipotle barbeque sauce, Pig Iron mustard sauce, hot sauce blend, sriracha sauce, ancho chili powder, melted butter and coats his vegetarian-fed all-natural smoked chicken wings, adding a side of fresh-cut celery and house-made blue cheese dressing.

Next stop, a bowling alley called Roxbury Lanes, where Cris got to bowl, a few games and see firsthand how they make their awesome Salt & Pepper wings. He met with Glenda Harrell, co-owner of the establishment. They sell about 60 pounds of wings a day. They use; only chicken wing flats, white granulated sugar, secret salt, garlic powder, their wet rub of flour, cornstarch and vegetable oil, their dry rub of flour and cornstarch, green onion, chopped garlic and chopped jalapeno.

Cris found Mark Arm & Guy Maddison, 90s grunge rock gods to see if they could tell him where to find the best wings, and they sent him to Wing Dome. Known for their seven deadly wings challenge, where customers eat seven of their hottest wings in seven minutes, with no beverages. If they win, the wings are free, they get a T-shirt and their name on the Wall of Flame. Josh Neumeier, their cook and manager oversees all wings and challenges. Each week, about 15 people try the challenge and on average, just one succeeds. One customer said he tried the challenge and said he cried like a little girl. For the entry, Josh put up his 4-Alarm wings, which Cris was more likely to try, and he loved them. They were made with; melted butter, cayenne pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, jalapeno puree, secret Wing Dome hot sauce and deep-fried drums and flats.

Now Cris had to gather a jury of wing lovers from the locals. They went to the Roxbury first, then to Slim’s and last stop to Wing Dome. Finally, the votes were cast, and the best wings in Seattle was awarded to Chef Glenda at Roxbury Lanes, congratulations, and enjoy that wing trophy!