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'Best in Chow' is waging ‘Burger Wars Toronto’ on Cooking Channel

On last night’s Cooking Channel episode of “Best in Chow,” comical host Cris Nannarone went to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to find the best burger as rated by the locals of this town called T-Dot by the hip-hop scene. Cris, a comedian and veteran road warrior, took his love for food and people on this search and gave them the opportunity to judge the best burger in Toronto.

Cris Nannarone presided over the Burger Wars Toronto on Best in Chow
Cooking Channel

After hearing The Burger’s Priest touted as the best in Toronto, he asked if it was a religious place, but was told it was a religious experience. So off he went to see for himself. The place is closed on Sunday, has no seating, and can have lines extending down the block at any given time. All the burgers have names relating to religion, and they also have a secret menu, that one can order from, provided they know about it. The owner and Cris’ new patron saint of meat is Shant Mardirosian, who attended bible college to become a pastoral minister, but soon realized he was in the wrong profession, but since he was to be a priest, he continued as The Burger’s Priest. Shant made as his entry, The Vatican City, a double cheeseburger squeezed between two grilled cheese buns. The burger contained; grilled cheese sandwich, two four-ounce beef patties with American cheese, tomatoes, onions, pickles and lettuce topped with another grilled cheese bun.

Cris was next sent to Dangerous Dan’s Diner by a young woman who went there for her birthday and was treated so well, that she touted this place to the world. Inside, Cris was happy to see a sign that read, “vegetarian is the native word for bad hunter.” So this confirmed carnivore had a chance to meet with owner, James McKinnon, who named the place after his grandfather. Cris asked James for the greasiest and tastiest burger he could make, so he made him The Coronary, estimated to be approximately 1606 calories! So Cris became a member of Dan’s team with a shirt and a hat. The inspiration from this burger came from his father’s heart attack. In keeping with the tradition of their “in your face” service, some customers stated, he is a cranky bastard, but they love the food. James believes that his burger is the best, but will gladly tip his hat to the other good guys in Toronto who make great burgers. The Coronary consists of; a huge bun, lettuce, hot peppers, burger, bacon, cheese, another burger, more cheese, a fried egg, pickles, tomato, mustard, ketchup, relish and onions. Yipes!

After speaking with a vegetarian, Cris met a guy who sent him to Parts & Labour who looked very familiar. Actually, he is named Kung Fu and works at Parts & Labour, bu Cris spotted him eating at The Burger’s Priest, but Cris will not tell executive chef, Matty Matheson, the heavily tattooed creator of the delicious P&L Burger Matty was making for him. When he tasted it, he was very happy that he was not voting. The burger contained; Pain au Lait bun, dill pickle mayonnaise, lettuce, ground brisket patty, bacon-onion jam, Monterey Jack cheese, more dill pickle mayonnaise, and the top bun.

Next, Cris rounded up some Toronto burger lovers. He took them on a sightseeing trolley to get them around to each establishment. As they ate each delightful treat, they anticipated the voting. As each chef and owner were waiting for the announcement, Cris happily announced the winner to be Parts & Labour as Kung Fu happily hung the sign announcing the winner of the “Best in Chow” burger wars in Toronto. Hey Cris, keep that Lipitor handy!

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