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Best chicken wings in Broward: Readers poll

Buffalo chicken wings
Buffalo Wings with celery & blue cheese dressing

Over the last decade or so chicken wings have become big business. They are so popular, American bars and grills are almost required to have wings on their menu, and even some ethnic restaurants like Chinese, Thai and Italian restaurants have gotten into the act.

There is "Haute" cuisine, and there is "Hot" cuisine, chicken wings fall into the latter category, and though nobody could consider chicken wings fancy, they can be just as satisfying as the fanciest dinner that cost literally ten times more.

But to the chicken wing novice, they quickly realize that ordering and eating chicken wings is not as easy as falling off a log, there's a lot to consider.

Your first decision is the easiest, and usually the first decision you'll have to make at any restaurant, "What would you like to drink?" If you are ordering wings, the best choice is your favorite cold beer. For those who don't drink alcohol and for the kids, cold iced tea or soda is a must, and maybe ask for an ice water on the side, for when things really heat up.

Remember size does matter. Most chicken wings are essentially the same size, but the way they are served can make a big difference in what the serving looks like. Restaurants that serve them whole, without separating the three wing sections are getting a little extra illusion of mass, but when it all comes down to it with wings, size is all about numbers. How many wings are going to satisfy you? Are you a 5-wing panty-waist, or does nothing less than 15 work for you? 10 is always a good round number to start with that will fill most eaters. If you're tempted to try a couple of different sauces, get two orders of five.

By far, the most important decision you'll make as a dedicated Wingman or Wingette is the sauce. Some restaurants offer Buffalo wings in mild, medium, or hot (MMH). But for those restaurants which really take wings seriously, they offer a dazzling array of flavors with sauces like "Nuclear" and "Mt. St. Helens" for the really hot sauces, as well as choices like Teriyaki, Garlic, and Lemon-pepper.

In the poll below, you will find some of Broward County's wing specialists. The list of ten is not by any means meant to be exhaustive, representing all of the places serving wings, but instead is narrowed it down to places that have more than just one flavor, and even more than just MMH. Most of the establishments listed below have a minimum of five choices and some have many more. The list includes a couple national chains mixed in with the local stand-alone restaurants and South Florida chains.

This poll is your poll, and your vote is important to determine Broward's Best Wings. Vote today, and if you taste better wings tomorrow, vote again for your new favorite. Over time, the top wing joints and restaurants will be reviewed by me, "By popular demand" as I seek out the best wings in Broward.

Poll choices are presented randomly to avoid bias.

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