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Best celebrity tweets: Week of July 27, 2009


Kirstie Alley @kirstiealley
To the dirty girls who ask "do you want to see my naughty video?" NOT SO MUCH..sell your "wares" elsewhere..this is twitter, not twatter..

Joel Madden @joelmadden
(Only included due to the shout to Minnie) → The 3 hour layover in MINN is now complete. On the flight to LA

me and @nicolerichie in 40 years. i love you honey.

Perez Hilton @perezhilton
@KatyPerry OMG! This one Harajuku girl has a vagina airbrushed on her pro nails!!! I tried taking a picture but it didn't come out. Dying!

Tila Tequila @officialtila
Twitter is like NYC. It never sleeps, but during the day its overcapacity, 2 many people, but at night U can have the whole city 2 urself!

Dane Cook @danecook
Kanye getting his tarot cards read. He's smoking Virginia Slims & wearing a bindi dot. Pima, AZ. #FakeKanyeSightings

Jeremy Piven @jeremypiven
We don't change we just become more like ourselves...

Nick Cannon @nickcannon
How does snoop dog keep his t-shirts so white?... Blee-yatch! LOL

Lady Gaga @ladygaga
Coffee and a ciggy in Denmark, making hair sculptures, writing music....I could find truth in this red lipstick all day. the joys of a wench