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Best Buy to reduce iPad Air price by $50 on Jan. 24 and 25

According to this article dated Jan. 23, Best Buy's deals for the upcoming weekend will include an unexpected $50 off Apple's latest tablet the iPad Air. The deal is not yet visible on Best Buy's website so it's worthwhile to wait a few more hours if you're considering buying iPad Air. This reduction is unexpected because reports published earlier this week indicate that iPad Air sales were an overwhelming success for Apple in December. Also, iPhone 5s is $150 at Best Buy in the same two-day sale.

Best Buy is planning to discount iPad Air and other Apple products this weekend, according to
Copyright 2014 Susan J. Walker
Best Buy is reducing iPad Air prices by $50 for the next two days, according to
Copyright © 2014 Susan J. Walker

It's worth repeating the differences between the different iPad models: iPad Air is the latest and greatest, introduced in fall of 2013. The iPad Air has a 9.7 inch screen and uses the latest Apple microchip, the A7, the same chip used in the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5s. Last year's model is called iPad with Retina Display. It looks very similar but should cost less because of its older microchip. The two-year-old iPad is called iPad 2.

Best Buy is also discounting the iPad Mini by $30 this Friday and Saturday, according to CNET. It will be helpful to remember that "iPad Mini with Retina Display" is this year's new model and "iPad Mini" is last year's model. Last year's model looks similar to the latest model but has less pixels in its screen.

Here are competitors' prices for iPad Air in its base configuration with 16 Gigabytes of storage and Wifi-only connectivity.

Target, iPad Air: $499.

Walmart, iPad Air: $499.

Apple Store, iPad Air: $499.

Check this article for advice about Target's recent data security breach.

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