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Best Buy says laptops sales are coming back as tablet sales crash

A versatile laptop
A versatile laptop

For awhile it appeared as if tablets marked the end of the laptop era. Things may however be changing now. In fact Best Buy has been dreaming of a laptop revival amid crashing tablet sales reported PC World on July 30, 2014. As tablet sales now fall flat Best Buy is betting on the comeback of laptops.

Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly has said tablets boomed but they are now crashing. In the last several months the volume of tablet sales has really fallen. However, Joly thinks the laptop is set for a revival because it’s becoming a great deal more versatile. International Data Corporation has estimated tablet sales grew by just 11 percent year-over-year in the second quarter worldwide. This is down from 60 percent growth between 2012 and 2013. Apple has been hit the hardest by the fall in tablet sales with iPad sales falling by 9.3 percent over the last year.

Joly believes the weak tablet sales have a lot to do with the way the market exploded when tablets first appeared. There does not seem to be a feeling among consumers for any urgent need to replace them with something that's just a little lighter and faster. The tablet market was penetrated very quickly. Now we are seeing basically a replacement market and according to Joly the level of innovation in the past year has not been as great as it was in the previous two years. Joly sees thee PC as making a comeback in the market. This is seen as being partially because Microsoft ended support for Windows XP and urged users to replace their old hardware.

After years of depression surrounding the PC industry things are looking brighter reports The Tech Report. Joly has said there has actually been a revival of the PC business at Best Buy in the company's first quarter. With the new two-in-ones there is now the opportunity to buy a tablet and laptop together. This has been very appealing to consumers and to students in particular. Nevertheless, tablets are still seen as having been an unbelievable phenomenon and so it's not really certain where their sales may be headed in the future.